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Thank you to the millions of players who’ve already jumped online with us for the worldwide release of Black Ops Cold War! With launch weekend behind us and mountains of gameplay data at our fingertips, the team is focused on improving the gameplay experience even further and preparing for next week’s launch of Nuketown ’84 on November 24th.

Game stability and player experience are our top priorities at launch, and we’ve been working with our partners at PlayStation and Xbox to track and squash bugs and crashes across the board. Since launch, we’ve added several gameplay improvements and fixes for key issues in Multiplayer and Zombies, implemented weapon and Scorestreak tuning, made various stability fixes across all modes, and much more – see below for the full list.

Trello Board Now Live

To help everyone stay up to date, we’ve launched our new Trello board as a one-stop destination for the latest in issue tracking, patch notes, and game news!

While this won’t serve as a comprehensive list of known issues (several of which are listed below), we'll do our best to track the bigger issues of specific interest for the community here. You can also come here for details on how to report bugs on your specific platform, where to contact Player Support, and when to expect specific fixes to be released.

Free Nuketown Weapon Bundle

Speaking of Nuketown, don’t forget to redeem your free Nuketown Weapon Bundle before December 3rd, including a new Epic Weapon Blueprint, six Weapon Charms, and Nuketown-themed Calling Card, Sticker, and Emblem! Get all the details here.

Before we dive into our launch week updates, one topic of discussion that we wanted to clear up is how Season Levels work. This is a new progression system for Call of Duty, and it’s important to understand what happens after earning your first Prestige.

Season Leveling: How it Works

Once you complete Military Ranks 1-55 and reach Prestige 1, you’ll enter Season Levels. These levels represent the new Prestige progression journey, and rather than scaling with progressively higher XP requirements like Military Ranks, each Season Level requires the same amount of XP to complete.

In the current Pre-Season, the maximum available level is Prestige 3 at Season Level 100. After Season One begins, players will have up to 1,000 Season Levels to complete each season, with new Prestige Levels to earn as well as Prestige Master at level 200. The Prestige Shop will also become available to players who’ve earned their first Prestige Key, which will allow players to unlock Legacy Prestige Icons from previous games.

As a reminder, this system will carry over to Warzone and Modern Warfare with Season One for a unified progression journey across all three games! Learn more at our Player Progression blog.

Note: There is currently a known issue where your Season Level will display properly in the upper-right corner of the screen between matches, but your level displayed in the After-Action Report will be inaccurate. We’re fixing this in a future update.

Let’s get into the latest updates since launch:



Assault Rifles
Increased recoil.
Slightly reduced max damage by 3.5% (28 to 27).
Reduced max damage range by 34% (38m to 25m).
Submachine Guns
Submachine Gun Alpha
Reduced base effective damage range by 33% (15.24m to 10.16m).
Added more character to initial recoil by tweaking several bullet trajectories. (While this doesn’t affect the vertical/horizontal control stats in Gunsmith, this change makes it more difficult to stay on target by adjusting the trajectories of several bullets in the initial firing experience.)
(Update: These changes were unintentionally reverted in today’s update and will return in an upcoming update.)
Tactical Rifles
Reduced max damage range by 15% (25.4m to 21.59m).
Increased sprint to fire time.
Slightly slowed move speed while firing.
Slightly increased delay between bursts.
Rebalanced fire rate bonuses on barrel attachments.
Slightly reduced effectiveness of laser attachments.
Tactical Rifle Charlie
Reduced max damage range by 20% (38.1m to 30.48m).
Increased sprint to fire time.
Slightly slowed move speed while firing.
Slightly increased delay between bursts.
Rebalanced fire rate bonuses on barrel attachments.
Slightly reduced effectiveness of laser attachments.
Type 63
Slightly increased fire rate.
Rebalanced fire rate bonuses on barrel attachments.
DMR 14
Slightly increased fire rate.
Rebalanced fire rate bonuses on barrel attachments.
Light Machine Guns
Improved max damage ranges.
Improved movement speeds.
Sniper Rifles (All)
Adjusted Sprint to Fire times to account for early blend/interruption allowed via animation system.
The effective Sprint to Fire time is notably shorter than what is displayed in Gunsmith. We have plans to address the Gunsmith readout in a future update.
Adjusted movement speed impact when firing to intended values to make each shot feel more powerful.
Fine-tuned barrel attachments that improve idle sway to provide a unique feel on each gun.
Slightly improved fire rate.
Improved max damage range.
Improved visibility while firing after the first shot.
Shotgun Bravo
Slightly reduced damage between ranges from 5.8m to 7.7m.

Game Modes

Friendly fire system now properly transitions to reflect damage after 3 team kills.
Search & Destroy
Addressed an issue where defusing the bomb could take longer than the intended 7.5 seconds.
Adjusted several starting spawns that allowed players to have line of sight on another player before the match started.
CDL Hardpoint
Addressed an issue where players would spawn outside of the intended play space when playing CDL Hardpoint in Custom Games.
Combined Arms
Improved the interaction when using Stationary Turrets in Combined Arms.
Adjusted various spawns in Multiplayer game modes that could result in the player spawning above the ground.
Custom Games
Added Scorestreak Cost Overrides to Custom Games.

Cold War first impressions?

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Actually first CoD where I didn’t start below 1.00 kdr...
q~ what does the crown beside my name mean? Host?

I like theater returning but I also like to be able to “flag” a specific game for later viewing like in previous black ops games...

Call me noob but I actually like the way you earn score streaks now...per objective instead of just kills...
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#Playstation More Black Ops Cold War PlayStation exclusive...

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All of the other content announced today (Extra Loadouts, etc), are PlayStation only until Nov. 1, 2021. - This is pathetic
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