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gotta light?

Feb 17, 2007
update...I took the plunge and bought this addon:

allows teams/clans to create either a private or open forum for the group as well as having their own private photo album & event scheduler built-in. I created an example TeamCoD forum for browsing.

Team Leaders will need to contact me to be granted Group Admin privileges to create their forum...

Update: the post requirement to create a Team/Clan has also been reduced from 25posts to 15posts which can be easily reached via an introduction thread...

100 posts - if you have a team logo, I can upload to our merch shop for members to buy.


gotta light?

Feb 17, 2007
Created this section for any members seeking a team or any Teams seeking members

~ One Team Thread Per Clan. Any duplicate will result in having the thread merged together, or the other duplicates deleted.
~ You may bump only once every 5 days, and the post must be a real update, not a one word post like "Bump!" The "Bump" post will be deleted.
~ Please be as specific as possible in your recruitment thread, people would like to know more than just a few acronyms.
~ Please use prefixes to show which console you're recruiting for and if seeking a team or seeking members...

You may also upload a thread cover image for your Team recruitment threads...(1300px x 300px) @ 1mb limit.

after 25posts on the forum, throw me a PM and then I will add the banner link to image that will be shown in various parts of the forum that directs you to your team recruitment thread:

Team recruitment Banners will change with each page reload....can have multiple team banners showing but for now only the image template shows....until we have teams start recruiting.

If needing help with banner image....head over to our GFX department and I’m sure 1 of our GFX team members can help you out.

If this area gathers 5 groups or more I will considered buy/installing a dedicated 3rd party addon for Teams:

or this one:

these addons allow teams to have a private forum within a forum with their own private photo album & event scheduler.

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