1. DemonKing

    after 9 years of being inactive im back! Demonking lives!

    hey everyone its good to be back here and visit the site, didnt realise the change! i am one of the OG members of the old clan DM or Demon Messiah that was founded in 2007. Are there any old members still here? Shadow? Lordlander? Charlesk? hit me up on discord! DemonkingD17#8757
  2. DM CptReilly

    What are you doing with your old PSP games?

    So I have been cleaning out a lot of my crap lately and I have been getting rid of a lot of stuff. I gathered up all of my CDs that I will never listen to again and was about to bring them to a music store to trade in when I saw they buy/sell games too! (CO ppl: Second Spin in Denver) I...
  3. DM Morbid

    Whats new for psp hacks?

    Not sure if anyone here still follows PSP stuff, but i am curious if anyone has some cool hacks they want to show off XD I thought this was pretty awesome, i am putting it on my psp now. D-8PmWPA6BM
  4. DM ToRNaDo412

    Resistance Retribution 2 on PSP Planned but Never Came

    Interesting article here about Sony Bend, working on RBS and uncharted golden abyss for the psvita. tells us they wanted to make a RR 2 and they even had a demo, but Sony didn't go for it. Gay lol
  5. DM Poisoned

    psp game night? lol

    whos actually gonna be on that shit game rr tonight? i just might fetch my psp from the attic to play with ya.
  6. A

    PSP Broken? Toonamiii WHERE ARE YOU?

    ya turned it on today to play some socom and mohh and i went to turn on nitePR and it shut off and wont go back on? HELP PLEASE!
  7. DM xDarkKx

    Hax time baby... PSP CFW.

    OOOOHHH SHIIITT. I guess PSP Go Owners will have a good advantage now. 6.31 and 6.35 HEN is released. Its a CFW. Loads homebrew and ISOs. FTB3 is DOOMED and other online PSP games. Except RR though lol. There was PSP CFW since before but the game is not filled with the so called haxorz. Oh well...
  8. I

    CFW for 6.35 PSP, READ

  9. DM Viktomize

    PSP For Sale Yeah I've been trying to sell my PSP 3000 for like a week now on Craigslist. I never play it so I thought, I'ma try to get some money for it. I'm willing to adjust prices too, tell me if you're interested. It's in great condition...
  10. DM xDarkKx

    PSP NEWS! PSP2 Ad?! :O

    Source: PSP2 concept TV advert. Reversible controls, OLED buttons. UfoBFx4rleE While we all wait for 6.20 TN-A (HEN) release …(Btw it could be 6-12 hours away!) Check out this awesome fan made PSP2 concept video from DrRos and video editing by Zero-One. There are some very...
  11. DM Psycotic

    Does DM still play Moh:h2 on psp?

    lol i saw my friends Mohh2 UMD today and asked him if i could have it, seeing as he doesnt play psp anymore so yeah, im getting that, thinking about repping the clan...xD but er do we still play it? and yeah, i know im a total fuckin noobXD
  12. GaZa

    ALL PSP Teams and DM sections

    All Commanders use this area to keep your teams updated with roster updates etc. Also use this area to post all wars.
  13. DM DeadWithImpact

    New PSP Details :D

    "The rumors concerning Sony's newest portable continue. For an update on all of them, including the claim that Sony held a behind-closed-doors meeting at this year's Tokyo Game Show where they showed off the PSP2, see this article. Some sources have apparently confirmed that the new handheld...
  14. A

    Best PSP ever released! online gameplay! You have to see this!

    OMGg here is a video of it in online
  15. DM_Nathan

    PS3 can now play PSP ISOs
  16. DM FlyMEXboy

    Game developer claims to have a PSP 2!

    looks like psp section is dying and well hope this keeps your hopes up in survival might be true but then again might be a company tryna get attention
  17. DM MysterySock


    Can anybody giv me a RR,FTB2,FTB3,OR MOHH2? PLZ
  18. DM tman692


    well I just got my PSN bypasser working so I'll be playing some RR. catch me on there!
  19. DM CptReilly

    A PSP... Phone?! *brain melts*
  20. DM MysterySock

    Read PSP Team.

    So im getting a PSPGo in December like 2 weeks b4 xmas.Im gonna get RR,FTB2,and FTB3.So i was wondering wat other games i should get.Are there any new shooters coming out?