1. The Last day of Mixer......|

    The Last day of Mixer......|

    Smokey decided to do a stream on the final day of Mixer's existence.....Rest in Peace Mixer. Follow Smokey on Twitch -
  2. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews The world of loading screens is over,” says Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney

    “Sony’s storage system is absolutely world-class,” Sweeney says. “Not only the best-in-class on console, but the best on any platform. Better than high-end PC.” Expanding on this statement, Sweeney explains the possibilities a storage system like this enables. “The world of loading screens is...
  3. DM Toonaami

    DeMon Gaming & Team FeaR

    Above Team Fear in the BO II Ladders! Nice Job Team!
  4. DM Kinger

    How Did You Get into Gaming

    Just wondering how we all got into gaming. Over our career we decided on competitive, but what was your start? For me I was a ps player. I'm pretty sure I started off on ps2 and then ps1. The game I remember was Turok Evolution (by the way I was 5 and watching this.) then over time moved to...
  5. DM Lordlander

    DM PC Gaming

    Okay, let's face it, there is absolutely zero activity for this clan. Let's try and change that. Obviously everyone here has a PC. Well, why not try some PC games? What are some PC games that you play, or are interested in? Combat Arms is free to play, and not terrible. I haven't played it...
  6. DM ToRNaDo412

    Kid Dies After 40 Hour Gaming Marathon 40 hours that is ridiculous lol so I'm curious what's the record for DM players? What's your longest gaming session? Probably I have to say thinking back to the psp days i definitely went...
  7. DM Poisoned

    Nostalgic Gaming

    So, just today, while cleaning up my house, I stumbled upon my GameCube and Gameboy Advance SP. I haven't used them since 2007, and I thought I'd give it a try. I popped in Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, and I realized how much fun the game was even after I beat it. Many memories from playing the...
  8. DM ToRNaDo412

    When Gaming Is Good for You

    I was reading this in the WSJ this morning I thought my fellow gamers would find this article interesting. Link:
  9. DM Morbid

    DeMon Gaming Twitter and YT Channel!

    Well guys, Toon L4W DR and myself have all been working on many things that we think will improve DM. Show some support! Go follow DM on twitter! If you don't have a twitter account, make one! It is quick/easy/free. Same thing as for the new Youtube channel! Go subscribe. We only have the one...
  10. DM Ballin Dog

    Money in Gaming

    August 21, 2011 Team Na`Vi has just won one million dollars playing in Valve's Dota 2 tournament. The Ukranian team edged out team EHOME of China, who won $250,000 as the runner-up. Our own Andy Burnes was at the Cologne, Germany-based event and conducted an interview with the happy (but...
  11. xZack487

    Done with gaming

    well topic says all im done with gaming it was fun playin rr with psy,rc,tom,rico,raid etc and othr DM members and that reunion with bat and tor etc it was fun on the 360 i guess to but i dident play much with DM on 360 it was fun with the ppl i did play with every now and agn...
  12. DM Toonaami

    Gaming Setup for kenny <3
  13. DM xDarkKx

    Gaming News

    Well yea as Spike's Video Game Awards is tonight, the list of winners are out! Studio of the Year BioWare Best Wii Game Super Mario Galaxy 2 Best Xbox 360 Game Mass Effect 2 Best PS3 Game God of War III Best PC Game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Best Handheld Game God of War: Ghost of Sparta...
  14. DM Hunt3r

    A side effect of gaming..

    So I went to the doctors office the other day with pain in both of my hands. It turns out that I have moderate "playstation thumb" in both of my hands because of gaming. Sounds dumb as hell right? Well it's a form of something called Repetitive strain injury (RSI). It's caused by the awkward...
  15. DM4L SK

    Quitting gaming competitively for good.

    Title says it all, I have more important things in life.. Focusing on school, hanging out with friends and my girlfriend.. Playing games all the time and shit, it was such a waste of time.. It doesn't get me anywhere in life.. I don't care what you guys do with my color. I'll still stop by the...
  16. DM DraToR-

    Gaming Headset

    Well i going to buy real gaming headset just no a bluetooth . Well i thinking if i should buy Tritton ax180 (stero sound) or turtle beach px21 (stero sound) Tritton are cheaper than turtle beach
  17. M

    0nline gaming

    I play my Xbox 360 games on this site called, Bring It. I challenge people from all around the world.
  18. S

    Gaming Radio

    Hey guys, Just wanted to tell you about our station Total Gaming Radio. We cover various games and music with content from gaming news to reviews. You can check out our site at: We are also looking for DJs as well! So if you think you would be up for it then have a look...
  19. BustaCap

    Busta's Gaming Setup

    this is my gaing segt ups comment rate sub but yea here it is
  20. DM_VanR

    The Best Gaming Console

    What do you think is the best gaming console right now?