1. C

    would any 1 want 2 join my clan in cod 5

    the clan is No1 my user name is casper001
  2. D

    Cod 5 App and H3

    HI i would like to apply to play mmm COD 5 with the clan and H3 i am currently like the best in my city at H3 but because of that no one plays it anyomore, so it got boring but it would be fun with pors like you. What should i do to start up who should i add? COD 5 I am and active COD 5 player...
  3. X

    COD 5 App

    Age : 20 A little about yourself : Just started really getting serious about online play. I used to just have fun with it, but I'm trying to get better with different weapons. I mainly just snipe/go camo with silenced guns but yeah. Past clans : CBS Gamebattles Experience : Been playing for a...
  4. S

    can i join DM for cod 5 pc

    hi can i join DM for cod 5 on the pc? I've been looking for a clan for ages so plz say yes!:stan:
  5. DM CuBaN

    CoD 5 TDM Ownage

    Well diz iz mayb da best ive done yet ever in TDM lmaooo diz iz beautiful nd no joke itz on my lil broz acc nd razor noez itz my lil broz acc nd noez i wuz on it #1. #2.
  6. D

    CoD WaW (Question)

    Hey Guys! I'm new so I'm making a thread for the first time. I want to ask two lil things, if you don't mind. 1. How does all this clan stuff work? 2. What's the clan tag of our site? Or are there more then one? If you know something, or if you want me somewhere or want me to do something...
  7. DM DrastiK

    CoD 5 GB team update

    Well our team doing preety good on gb. just thought u guys were wonderin if we were doin gb's at all so heres our page =]
  8. D

    COD W@W PS3

    k i made a new gb team, i know atleast me and blazer and sos will do it. blazer and every1 please quit the old gb team sence its not active.
  9. DM firevice

    Exclusive Cod WaW DLC 2 footage;jsessionid=jfvxnwejj12d...
  10. O

    cod 5? me? tryout?

    i just wanted to know if i could tryout for dm in cod5. i was in dm before for ftb2, but i broke my ftb2 disc so i had to leave. my gamertag is checkmate n cry and im lvl 16 right now. and i do have a mic (xbox360)
  11. MeXiFoRNiA

    CoD W@W Roster?

    I know im not CoD WaW Commander but i think we should combine some of the second roster guys and put them to the first roster.This is a roster that i think will do good on GameBattles. PK (KlutcH) OldmanJenkins JOSH(Da Hustl4) MONEY Firevice MeNaCE(ME) TrikzZ (ViviD) xGR8NESSX Can u guys...
  12. K

    App for COD 5 Team 360

    Gamertag: Killer Slimjim Rank: 49 Time Zone: CNT Age: 20 Im on 6:30pm - 12am CNT almost every weekday and can play at anytime on weekends. I have a mic so hit me up if needed. Roy
  13. DM firevice

    COD 5 360 CLAN LOOK!!!

    Okay, I know im not the commander for this game, but we really need to step things up. First of all, it would be helpful to post when you will definitley be unable to practice or have a GB. Example...
  14. S


    i want to join the cod5 team for this clan how do i do this
  15. H

    CoD 5 Tryout

    Hey I was wondering if I could get a tryout for CoD 5. Im a pretty good player, I've been playin Cod since vcod and uo. Ive player cod 2 and cod 4. Im good with rifles and all weaps, I have a working mic and ventrilo / teamspeak. *Working Mic. Active. Hayzlit
  16. DM DrastiK

    Cod 4 problems

    Well it occurred to me the other day that Psycho killa X xLALx Jok3r abused mongoose eustace 518 quit the DM Cod4 part of the clan and started a new team on cod 4. As what i've heard from deadly, they say "we were not active enough." Which is FALSE I mean THE LEAST you can do is...
  17. DM Klutch

    cod world at war war records

    we won today again our record is 4-2 1st game we won easy 4-0 2st game we won easy 4-0
  18. D

    DjComex's COD WaW Ownage Pic

    I just tough I'd post one of my pic's
  19. DM Ryan

    Preview of the Cod WaW Site

    I recently got permission to make an individual site for the DM Cod WaW clan members both ps3 and xbox what do you think of this preview.
  20. DM xE uS Ta cE

    New CoD World at war Roster

    I just made a new roster so please give me ur GB user name thanks