1. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews Call of Duty: Ghost Pack Contingency Bundle trailer

    The classic mask is back Pick up the Ghost Pack Contingency Bundle in the #ModernWarfare and #Warzone store
  2. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews RUMOR: Call of Duty 2020 is ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’

    Call of Duty leaker Okami has posted the following today. Okami has leaked accurate information on the Call of Duty franchise in the past (including info on Warzone’s release and more), claims to reveal the name of the 2020 Call of Duty game...
  3. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews #Warzone Bunkers can now be opened with the key cards

    #Warzone Bunkers can now be opened with the key cards
  4. Ghost 141


    WHAT’S NEW Call of Duty Endowment “Fearless” Pack is now available! New Gunfight Map, Aisle 9! New Multiplayer Map, Hardhat! Modified Special Operations! Replay existing Operations with a twist! Some enemies may charge more frequently or maybe they can only be taken down with headshots. Check...
  5. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews BlackOps 10th Anniversary

    Ten years ago, we introduced Call of Duty: Black Ops to the world. Today, we’re celebrating with a recap video as a tribute to the series that introduced Woods, Mason, Hudson, and of course… the numbers! More at the blog:…...
  6. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews Black ops 2 - Theater mods patched!

    EDIT : - Unfortunately this is only half true, mods are still there, not as bad, but still there. Black ops 2 Theater hacks have been fixed and you can no longer run the infections from it! The game is once again playable.
  7. OUTL4W

    -Multi- Steam PC Team Recruitment

    Created this section for any members seeking a team or any Teams seeking members ~ One Team Thread Per Clan. Any duplicate will result in having the thread merged together, or the other duplicates deleted. ~ You may bump only once every 5 days, and the post must be a real update, not a one word...
  8. Ghost 141

    Blops IV Black to Black ops 4

    Bought the VMP with the free token, played two games, then got bored.
  9. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews Players are starting to find a new Red Access Card item around the map in #Warzone

    The newest patch update, which went live on April 28, has added in the ability for players to find ‘Red Access Cards’ around the map. Players are able to pick up these cards and hold onto them, but it is not clear yet what you can do with these access cards. The cards could be some sort of key...
  10. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews Dragon’s Breath rounds added as an attachment option for the VLK Rogue. #ModernWarfare

    Dragon’s Breath rounds added as an attachment option for the VLK Rogue. #ModernWarfare
  11. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews Call of Duty Vietnam

  12. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews Is Call of Duty 2020 confirmed as Black ops reboot, due to trademark?

    Black ops is trademarked in 2020 according to Activison site !
  13. OUTL4W

    Jimmy Falon test drives newest CoD: ghosts game

    Infinity Wards Mark Rubin,Elijah Wood, and Grant Bowler with Late Nights Jimmy Fallon. Late night with Jimmy Fallon hosted "Game Week" this week, with CoD Ghosts being one of the many games that was test driven. Infinity Wards Executive producer, Mark Rubin, showed off game play from the...
  14. DM MysterySock

    COD Vita! they have said all the guns, maps, perks and alot more.
  15. DM Toonaami

    CoD 4 PC

    oC8V7IhI4uk Feel free to leave it a like or whatever. This video is actually old but I am in the process of getting a new Capture Card. Thoughts on the video? Thanks :D -:Toon:
  16. DM ToRNaDo412

    Get Your COD DLC Tomorrow July 4th!!

    Tomorrow all Call of Duty: Black Ops and MW3 DLC is 50% off so stack it up!! Lasts for one week only! Europe gets it too so you're welcome from the greatest country in the world :) I might buy all the black ops DLC if i ever get around to the black ops platinum lol. Source...
  17. D

    Cod WaW Map packs?

    Hey anybody wanna give me the old COD WAW Map packs on ps3? I would really appreciate it. :)