1. OUTL4W

    Number 1 in Google for "COD 5 Clan (sortof)

    Well one of the threads I put up at filefront just hit the number 1 spot in google for the search term: COD 5 Clan (with a space) Without a space the same filefront forums is listed 2nd, and our recruitment thread is in there, but so are several others. Which was the importance of replying to...
  2. DM DrastiK

    Who is better in cod 4 sniping

    Demonking CharlesK Everdream ME;) Reaper deathrow aka killabrothas those r the only ppl i can think of who snipe XD
  3. N

    COD 4 tryouts

    hi im nemicrese,my gamertag is N3micrese,and i wanna try out of COD4.