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    Diablo 3 Xbox 360 achievement list revealed in full

    Add to My News Story by Dave Cook Thu, Aug 08, 2013 | 11:40 BST Diablo 3′s Xbox 360 achievement list has been revealed ahead of its launch. Get the full list here and beware SPOILERS if you’re yet to play it. The list was compiled by X360A and goes as follows: Rite of Passage – 10G...
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    Payday 2 Xbox 360 achievements surface, full list here

    Add to My News Story by Dave Cook Mon, Aug 05, 2013 | 15:05 BST Payday 2′s Xbox 360 achievements have appeared online and we’ve got the full list here. As always be wary of SPOILERS. The list comes courtesy of X360A and houses 43 achievements. The game’s out August 27 on PC, PS3 and...
  3. OUTL4W

    Microsoft to allow developers to start self-publishing on Xbox 360 as early as August

    Add to My News Story by Stephany Nunneley Sat, Jul 27, 2013 | 19:26 BST The Pinball Arcade developer, FarSight Studios, has said Microsoft will allow developers to start self-publishing on Xbox 360 as early as August. The studio dropped the information in a newsletter that Polygon was privy...
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    Splinter Cell Blacklist Xbox 360 achievements drop, full list inside

    Add to My News Story by Dave Cook Wed, Jul 24, 2013 | 11:12 BST Splinter Cell Blacklist’s Xbox 360 achievement list has appeared online, and we’ve got them here. As always BEWARE OF SPOILERS. X360A posted the cheevos online. There’s 47 achievements in total, including 11 secret objectives...
  5. OUTL4W

    Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12 currently undergoing bug testing

    Add to My News Story by Stephany Nunneley Fri, Jul 19, 2013 | 17:48 BST Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12 is currently being tested for bugs, and once things are found to be smooth, it will go into certification. Currently, 4J Studios are also finishing up work on Skin Pack 5, and word is...
  6. DM TStreets

    360 question

    OK my brother is selling a extra 120 gb 360 for 80$. My question is should I take the deal or just buy a new slim? I need one that will have a warranty cause it is a 360 (no offense) and built in wifi.
  7. DM Toonaami

    Xbox 360 Monthly Tournys

    To begin soon. I will be organizing and overseeing them from month to month unless otherwise specified. Any questions/suggestions let me know. First thing to decide is what game yall wanna play. BO or MW3. Obviously BO2/Halo 4 will be in the mix upon release. Please answer the poll of which is...
  8. DM Viktomize

    Call Of Duty Soon To Become An Xbox 360 Exclusive?

  9. DM Morbid

    360 COD players

    Well it has been a while since we have done anything on gb or team wise in general. I have been very busy with college and toon has gotten into skyrim. I know Bows has still been active and playing with other teams, which is good to see. I know Forb does that as well, which is good too. And Vik...
  10. DM Forbington

    360 Xbox teams update

    Well its been a while since I have made an updated thread about how the teams are doing. Right now my team is 9-0 on Mw3. http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xbox360/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3/team/why-so-vicious/ Morbs team is 5-3...
  11. DM Bowser

    MW3 Update [360]

    What was the update about?
  12. DM CptReilly

    Anyone still have Red Dead Redemption? [360]

    I just started playing this again to try to get some achievements that I missed back when this came out. Anyone want to posse up one more time? I know forb just got it and jess has it, anyone else? Im thinking about getting the Undead expansion too. How much does 1600msp translate to in $...
  13. DM4L Krysis

    Guys, just got a 360 for Christmas

    I never expected to own a proper console xD ANYWHO I have no game for it yet, I have a 12 month Xbox Live gold membership that came along with it. Im planning to join the 360 team for DM, and do GBs just like the old days, havent really been active due to loss of hope of ever getting in any...
  14. M

    Tryouts for cod on 360??

    Just wondering if you guys were having any and if i could tryout
  15. DM Bowser

    MW3 360 Charlie Squad

    Ok so since I wasn't able to get in any gb's on Morb's team, I decided to make another team for us. Here it is: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xbox360/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3/team/under-estimated-mw3/ and here is mine and Surreal's Dubz team...
  16. DM Morbid

    MW3 Prep+Info for 360!

    Well, we are going to encounter the same problem PS3 is currently solving....we have alot of members that want to be on the same team. I think we should try to apply the same solution. 2 teams. We have a couple options here that i came up with which are open for suggestions... Option...
  17. V

    Where can i enter the setup key? (xbox 360)?

    Where can i enter the setup key (that xbox 360 gives you to enter in the computer) in windows media player 11. my xbox wont receive my computer but my computer receives the xbox ------------------- usb x360key
  18. DM xE uS Ta cE

    Tryout for 360

    Who ever takes command of the bf3 and mw3 team add me on xbox [xe us ta ce ]...i was on the cod 4 w@W halo3 gears 2 team
  19. DM Morbid

    BF3 360 team

    I know people have already made threads like this, but I want to get a more recent head count on who is getting it AND wants to play it actively on gb. Please, do not bother posting if you don't plan on doing BOTH of those things.
  20. DM Toonaami

    Xbox 360 Console Commander

    SK isn't gaming anymore (again), some of you make feel that it isn't needed, but the admins talked and decided that we would like YOU, the Xbox 360 Members to vote on a potential new CC. Please refrain from talking trash or making dumb comments. This is for you guys. :D I am expecting to...