1. DM Bowser

    Fantasy Baseball 2013 Thread

    Somehow the original thread got deleted so I'm remaking it. Here are the standings so far coming into the All-Star Break.. Again DM members: SD Bruh (Me) DODGERS RULE (RPN) Team Canada (Fantin) BuN SquaD (Brawler) The...
  2. DM Toonaami

    Spoiler Thread for Black Ops 2

    Dont ask unless you wanna know. -Toon
  3. DM CptReilly

    DM Trading Thread

    I recently started looking into online game swaps and I think the idea is really cool! I know I have a LOT of games that I don't play anymore and I am willing to trade them for games that I have been meaning to play. Being a community of gamers, I'm sure a lot of DM members are the same way...
  4. DM Blazer

    End of Summer Thread

    Hey guys hows the summer going, i seen the site has been a little dry so heres something. Summer is almost ending and some of us had free time while others didn't. I took a summer course and worked 35 hrs per week so it seemed like i was still in school. Any members going to freshmen in...
  5. DM Razor_Bladez

    Megaupload is back! (legit thread) .… My life is complete once again(this is different then the .com version from earlier)
  6. DM Bowser

    The Dare Thread

    -Pretty much just post something that you think would be hard for someone to watch -Make sure you tell us what the video is. I Dare you to watch the full video to this: BME Pain Olympics Final Round [NSFW] [NSFL]
  7. Royal1Wun

    Roys Q&A Thread!

    Title says it all... Thought it'd be interested to answer any questions y'all have. So whos first?
  8. X

    This Thread is for my Old Moh2 friend DM Hunt3r!

    Dude i once in a while come here to check out the site. I saw your name and cried a little! Its GF Carbon! The turrets kid from years ago. How are you? <3 If you play xbox now please add me man! GT = VCS Shunzy if that doesn't work then i might have changed my gamertag depending on when...
  9. DM DHomeboy

    Comics Thread

  10. DM Forbington

    Concert Thread

    Well ya the title says it all. Any of you going to any good concerts this summer, or whats the best ones that you have been to?
  11. DM Tom

    The Twitter thread.

    This will be like twitter. Just say what youre doing at the moment or going to do. And of course, reply to eachother. Not that hard right?:D Im eating an egg and packing my stuff for vacation!:Morbid:
  12. DM DHomeboy

    3 Story thread

    3 Word story thread The objective is to use 3 words (3 words no more no less) to connect the previous post and lead into the next post you can only post once in row. For example: Once upon a > time, a clan > named Infamous Playas > that pwned all and so on.... Ill...
  13. DM Viktomize

    360/PS3 Black Ops Clip Thread

    Let me know what you guys think of this NUHDMKk6nrk Post any clips that you may have in this thread too! Here's the old one I already posted too. EoC9MDpBdiY
  14. DM Psycotic

    The Final DM RR Thread??

    ok, after having a conversation with chester last night, the final summation was that i should post this thread. i dont mean to offend anyone, or take place as leader or anything. ive just gotta put these points out there. ok, firstly, theres noone online. Tom- retired, RC-Blazer- grounded(not...
  15. DM Tom

    RR: Main Thread.

    Alright, This is goin to be the main thread. I am going to add you guys as soon as possible. I am going to post the roster this week. I also want a meeting time. My time is +1. Please post your time here so we can make a meeting time. I also want to have fun and nobody is talking shit to another...
  16. DM Psycotic

    DM Psycotic- Intro Thread

    hello im Psyco-real name= Andreas i have no idea what to write.. but, i play Resistance: Retribution i have been playing it for over a year im 14 years old im kinda short im a metal head-(a person who listens to heavy metal) i play guitar and am learning drums (self taught) im quite an...
  17. DM DraToR-

    Official Ps3 Mw2 Thread

    Official Roster Commander M_Rico13 (Team 1) Pure_Breed-1 (Team 2) Co-Leaders xHeadSmasher (Team 1) DraToR- (Team 2) Captains Michigan (Team 1) Bonesgrave32 (Team 2) Co-Captains Night_Raven-_- ( Team 2) Enlisted Sasquatch57 (Team 1) IvIe_Shoot_You ( Team 1) Grillz420 (Team 1)...
  18. C

    Official Paintball Thread

    Have a Speedball tournament coming this month and get to test my new Vibe out. Hope to mark some fools out there! Ill mark em so bad they will think they are getting a Tactical Nuke called in on em!! GRRRR :ninja: =============================================o...
  19. DeathSeiko

    some new ideas although its just 1 but the thread name got to be that long >.<

    ok guyz i was thinkin of gettin a brand new camera to make some little videos or montage now how much Megapixel should a camera have at least to make some good vids? dave :chillpill: hope ma smiley worked lmao
  20. V

    Thread Viewing Problems

    Why when I go to the home page and click on a thread name on the lower right of the page does it send me to an entirely different thread than the one I clicked on? For example, when I click on the thread titled, "The Assumption Song," it takes me to a thread called "Clan Record on FTB3 problem...