Thomas Was Alone shifts “over 700,000 copies”

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Story by Brenna Hillier

Mon, Aug 19, 2013 | 23:58 BST
Mike Bithell’s terrific, BAFTA Award-winning platformer Thomas Was Alone has achieved an impressive number of sales.

Bithell confirmed a ballpark sales figure of “over 700,000″ while speaking with Joystiq.
The total includes copies sold on all platforms – Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3 and Vita – and presumably includes Humble Bundle sales, but does not include those given out through PlayStation Plus. That’s interesting, because PS Plus was the best-selling platform – at least before the latest Humble Weekly Sale.
Thomas Was Alone is notable because its characters are simple, coloured quadrangles, but it boasts quite an interesting story, charmingly narrated as the player progresses through the level. The smooth gameplay is satisfying, too. Narrator Danny Wallace won a BAFTA for it, and allowed Bithell to quite his day job and go totally indie.
Bithell’s new game, Volume, will allow players to create their own stories.