Reality Check For All DM's


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Dear DM's,

Do we want to be known as Professionals or Punk Asses?

This is the post my friend Kenny left under the Rainmaker thread started by MorbdFrc in the DM Polls forum:

I think DM morbdfrc is a cocksucker. And a cocky fuck at that. Not saying I can beat u at MOH which YOu have made me lose interest in but I would love to see your just a punk kid playing a video game and I was actually in the USMC and packed a real gun. You are cocky cause your on a computer but I know for a fact that you would not call me a bitch in person cause I would kick the living shit out of you!!!!!! The attitude here sucks. I got interested in joining the DM because they were good in the game. And it got me interested.but listening to a bunch of punk as kids think their shit don't stink cause of a damn video game is plain stupid. To the people who are actually cool and you know who you are then disregard this. but the rest of you are ignorant pricks and everyone that joins the DM clan will eventually find out. Jeff it was nice to meet you. bye
Is that how we want people to think of us?

MorbdFrc, you just cost us the two legs we were going to stand on when we expanded into SOCOM. Kenny and his son are two of the top ranked players, and they were willing to help train us, and be part of our SOCOM platoon.

But that's not what is really the whole point of this post of mine. If were are going to be the best, we need to be the best at all aspects of the game, including SPORTSMANSHIP.

We need to watch how we treat others. Even if they are not as good as we are. By being professional we are upping our game to a new level of play. Sure R4W is good, but look at how they conduct themselves. Is this how you want to be seen? I know I don't.

So please, just try and be professional. Here, in the game, and in the real world.

Thank You,

-Jeff Smith

PS: Kenny, It was nice knowing you too. It would have been good to have another prior service member on board. But I understand your position. I hope you will consider us in the future. Semper Fi.


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That is true and I support everything that Shadow has said. I too am sorry to see your go Kenny you would have been a great aspect for us expanding into the SOCOM territory. But just to reiterate on what Shadow said, yes we do need to pratice good sportsmanship. Yes we are good theres no doubt about it, but do we just want to be good? Personally I want to get much better and to get better in the game you have to get better mentally and emotionally. You see each part of our wellness contributes to the other parts. If we are secure with ourselves physically then we are increasing our emotional and mental attributes. Same thing with the game. We need to show that we are respectful to others no matter the circumstances. But respect is stepped onto a wide range of diffinitions. Like my football coach said, "Never FEAR an opponet just always show them RESPECT. Even if/when you win do not gloat, take what you have learned and apply it to training yourself to become better." I live by these words and I think ya'll should too. Honostly I don't want to be known as a punk ass kid that plays MOH all the time, I want to be known as the respectable human that treats everyWUN with a good attitude. Like I said DM is a good/great clan but we can't let that get to our heads. We ARE going to expand into new games to increase our reputation and empire, and we don't need people attacking others with slander to cut down our chances to achieving complete victory. Morbd this isn't completly directed at you, I've noticed other having this mind of "we are the best and everyWUN else is garabage". So just treat others the way you would want to be treated and be sure to represent DM on the battlefield with skills and ability but also show that we are civilized people. We need to show that we have class on and off the game so people will respect us and think highly of us.


Yes i agree as a fundater fo this clan .Im too very angry when someone say we sux or somone else sux try to be inteligent and ask that poor loser why do we sux then he will shutup because he dont have anything to say and i dont gave premission to any one blabering about others person or clans it was annoucent about 1,5 month i sand to everyone that you dont talk shitt about ohters and if someone talks somthing bed about DM then tell the others members and try to be claver i stated to ask thos loser why DM sux or some DM Player sux they cant even anwser me so they stop doing it when i m on it .Also i try to tell others DM not to tak shit about other like you sux or nob this is childish yes i m talking about you DM Senshi i rember Belgium Forest.But he stoped didnt seen him doing it latle when i m on so he learn i think :D

Just try to be more inteligent then others punk and wash them away I alsow dont let go if some good player is being talk shit because he is wining the game the same smart questions shutup teh loser and make them vote me out , stop japing or Just get out

Think befor you use your moutch
Thats all i have to say

DM Morbid

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Shadow.......i dont think u rele kno wht happend between me and tht dick weed.....he started tht whole shit .......he called me a fag for having my own opinions on how the clan is going to be run with this military dont say i was disrespecting.......cuz he started this thing

this is wut i said back to tht dick:
ur a fuckin dick u kno? u started maken fun of i gonna kik my ass in real stfu u think ur some hardcore shit......well ur not and i wud luv to c ur shit in a fight........or a mosh pit at a concert with a rageing death metal band playing....u wud get ur ass kikd in a mosh pit..........u prolly dont evn kno wut a cock is and ur just saying tht cuz u heard som1 else say