Get 1 week of free Battlefield 4 play time on PC


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Download the game for free until August 14 and get 168 hours of play time.

EA is running a special Battlefield 4 promo where you can download and play the game for free for a whole week. The promo only requires an Origin account, and is valid for PC gamers only (of course).
The trial period includes only the base game, and not any of the previously released DLC and expansions. The trail will allow players to play both singleplayer and multiplayer. However, after August 14, it won’t be available for download and players will have to purchase the game as usual.
The free download allows gamers a full week for free play, or 168 hours. You can use that game time any time you want, even after August 14. Considering that most gamers usually spend around 100 to 150 hours in online multiplayer, this isn’t a bad deal for newcomers.
It’s a great offer if you still haven’t played Battlefield 4 for whatever reason — and there are plenty of reasons not to have played the game. There have been tons of bugs and issues, but for the most part, the game is playable these days.