DICE developer questions Ubisoft on “day one online multiplayer”


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Battlefield 4 had an awful launch, so bad that it it took months of work and several patches for the game to be playable at all, especially on the PC.
But that doesn’t stop one of the top DICE developers from questioning whether another developer can “deliver online day 1″. In a recent tweet, DICE’s Alan Kertz commented on Ubisoft’s online racing game The Crew, saying that it’s cool, but questions whether Ubisoft can deliver online multiplayer on launch.
Of all the game developers in the world, DICE should be the last ones to ever question another developer on day one multiplayer or on launch stability.
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Has DICE completely forgotten just how awful Battlefield 4′s “day one online” was? Not only that, but how awful the first six months were, with crashes, netcode problems, lag, etc.? Even after all the patches, the game still has issues, almost a year after being released. It took EA nearly 9 months to admit that “Battlefield 4 had a bad launch“.
We don’t know if Kertz is trolling of if he’s being sincere. Either way, a tweet like that shouldn’t come from anyone within DICE. And we know that this isn’t the first time a DICE member has trolled fans.
We’re sure Ubisoft’s The Crew will have decent online multiplayer at launch. It’s hard to get it any worse than DICE did with Battlefield 4.