Xbox One faulty Blu-ray drive can be fixed by hitting your console

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Probably the biggest headache Microsoft has following the launch of the Xbox One is those faulty Blu-ray drives. The sound they make is awful, and it stops gamers playing games, so you can understand why Microsoft is offering a free game to those affected, as well as shipping out replacement units.

However, it turns out you can actually fix the faulty Blu-ray drive all by yourself. Someone has figured out that the problem is to do with a loose gear inside the drive. To fix it, you simply have to unplug the Xbox One, turn it upside down and position it on a soft surface, and then start pounding on it. Yes, that’s right, position your hand above where the Blu-ray drive is located and give the case several hard pounds.

Don’t believe me? Well here’s video proof:

As you can see, if you’re lucky the gear will have fallen into the right place inside and your drive should start working perfectly and free of unusual noises. Of course, some of you may be a little concerned about pounding on your brand new machine, but as long as it’s on a soft surface and there’s no Blu-ray in the drive, there’s not much damage you could cause.
If you have a faulty drive and give this a try, let us know how it works out. Even if you’ve got a replacement Xbox One on the way, at least this will allow you to play those disc-based games you bought until it arrives.
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