1. DemonKing

    after 9 years of being inactive im back! Demonking lives!

    hey everyone its good to be back here and visit the site, didnt realise the change! i am one of the OG members of the old clan DM or Demon Messiah that was founded in 2007. Are there any old members still here? Shadow? Lordlander? Charlesk? hit me up on discord! DemonkingD17#8757
  2. DM Bowser

    Happy Birthday DemonKing

    Just noticed on the bottom of the site it said your bday soooo00oo00 Happy Birthday!!!! Have a good one
  3. DMW4L MeatsGirl


    Happy Birthday DEMONKING~!, may your birthday bring you many wishes! Cheers! as orginally posted by I think CK to somewun! MG::blunt
  4. DemonKing

    Demonking cut

    yo i want ur opinion right now clan mates, and be serious about ur choice. im having problems with clan mates not respecting so im planing on not returning unless otherwise
  5. DemonKing

    Should Demonking leave DM?

    will ppl r now hating me and morb and Kin wans me out of DM. its ur vote if i should leave DM.
  6. DemonKing

    Demonking vs KinhuR Trailers

    here u go Kin TW9HfjzBxSU KJfeKyFMpG0
  7. DemonKing

    SGT Vs. Demonking for DM's 1st victory

    kin d of embarassed my teammates keep losing 2 sgt. SO...i challege SGT'st player in a 1 on 1 Match in the Beilgium Forest Death Match. This will count as a War but only 2 ppl. I will bring DM's first win again SGT n show How tough of a king i am.:diablo:
  8. DemonKing

    Demonking Video PLAYING

    S2i4CI6X5VY ehD_0-_dlFM W0LGkLbUwNs
  9. DemonKing

    How To Draw Anime by Demonking

    this is me from my digital camera so enjoy watching me draw! -2794761215006450389:diablo: :dance9bh:
  10. DemonKing

    Dm Morb's vid from Demonking

    here u go ^^ 2898915079930061849
  11. DemonKing

    2 cool pics by DemonKing

    hey if i can make videos, i can make effected pics. here r 2 pics for the DM