1. DM xFantin

    Vote for Canada

    BrhA0sEkuaM If the vid doesnt work, heres te link: hahahahahahahahahahahaha *You're welcome, Vel =)
  2. Night_Raven-_-

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to all the canadians in the clan ((=
  3. DMW4L MeatsGirl

    How we deal with problem ppl in Canada

    We put out signs and warn them!!! Oooooooo...........
  4. DM Razor_Bladez


    LMFAO I saw it under events so... Happy canadia day to all my maple leaf friends::cheers
  5. DMW4L MeatsGirl

    Snorkelling in Alberta, Canada

    Wanna come snorkelling here!!! MG::blunt
  6. DMW4L MeatsGirl

    12 days of christmas for CANADA! ..... EH!, and BTW thats me on the organ!

    LMFAO.... True Canadian Christmas !! EH~! MG::blunt
  7. DM xFantin

    Canada Question Results!!

    Here are the results to the question. The Correct Answer was Zero, but what I wanted was what Canada does have. We have 10 Provinces and 3 Territories: British Colombia Alberta (meat and MG live) Saskatchewan (correct spelling) Manitoba Ontario (I live) Quebec (French) New Brunswick Nova...
  8. DM Major Meat

    Happy B-Day Canada!

    Happy Canada Day! Hope ya Have a great day Nick, and enjoy the fire works! LoLz, i think Insane is the only other Canadian.