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  • Haha
    Thanks! Got the message a little late, guess I should stop by more often XD
    yeah you should..will be rebranding the site soon...
    Hey Shadow~. I forgot where to find you again, you don't seem to show up in the demon gamer raidcall group anymore. Let me know what the new teamspeak or raidcall group is now if you guys still play.
    Hiya Shadow err Zero. I forgot the info for the teamspeak server for scarlet blade talks but anyway, just wanted to know if you guys will be playing Aura Kingdom or something. Feel free to give me the info for raidcall too since it got uninstalled when I reinstalled Windows. Merry Christmas~
    do you know a DJTEKU?...I might of deleted them by mistake. The ip showed Helsinki, finland and thought it might of been another spammer from earlier in week. Tell them they can sign up again using the same username.
    Any of your team members that I forgot to change color on or new members that need changing?
    You should now....forgot to update shoutbox permissions for scarlet blade usergroup since it was created...sorry my bad.
    have you checked it recently ? is it still happening? I deleted the styling so all you should see is the twitch media player and toons and mine profile...
    I see...I call it MS "E-vil" instead of explorer....if you did install would ask to import all bookmarks and reset homepage to IE's homepage. I think FF and chrome handle instances a lil better than E-vil does.....if you do happen to have ff installed...can you check to see if the same thing happens to you in ff as in E-viliiiiiiiillllll?
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