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Do you like to spend a lot of time sitting and playing? For example, yes! Only before it was meaningless since I was afraid to invest in the game process. But after many years, I gained experience and I'm not afraid to play big. Also, sites help me with this so that you can always evaluate the rating of the platform and read real reviews
hey boss...just wondering if you can see the shout box that should appear at the top of every page...
thank you Outlaw! its been so long since ive been on the site. i see the activity level is still pretty low unforuntately
Thanks! Got the message a little late, guess I should stop by more often XD
yeah you should..will be rebranding the site soon...
Happy birthday xD even though it is soo late in the day but still on the day. xP make it great!
hey pulled into an issue on another forum I admin....sorry bout that. i should be available tomorrow. Can you link me to your forum and I take a gander in the mean time...what error's are you experiencing? Also I deleted your other profile "SecretMember"
Perhaps....I can do some basic things...but I work 3rd shift so I'm available early mornings.
You're doing a really nice job coding, and I also have a vBulletin site with Ideal VB as the theme. And I was just wondering would you want to help me out with some errors?
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