Yesterday's Downtime


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Hey guys,

Sorry about that downtime yesterday. To fill you in here is an email I got from my host:

Hi Jeff,

I just got the license file from them (late, but at least I have it). I'm configuring the TS server now.

I also need to ask if you use any advanced features, such as PHP5/Ruby.. your forums have gotten quite popular and are causing a strain on the server you're on now. I'd like to move your accounts over to a newer server that we use for high resource usage sites. For now it's a barebones system in that it has cPanel and PHP4. We can install any custom module you'd need.

Please let me know if this is okay with you, and when we can proceed with the move (sooner rather than later would be better).

Technical Support
Webkore Internet Services


So I decided that a move to a better server would be a good idea. So I gave him the go ahead to do so. So right as I was talking to Demon Luvr, ironically about a problem he was having with this site, the site went down. Literally during a troubleshooting session.

It was only supposed to take 1 hour for the domain name IP addresses to propagate (reset themselves), but with these domain things you never have a guarantee. I think it took about 2-3 hours for the site to come back online.

So yeah, that is what was up yesterday. It was a domain thing, and not a host thing. Our host is rock solid and they were there for me every step of the way. Some of my previous hosts, would have been not willing to help at all with domain stuff.

I should have emailed everyone before the switch but I didn't think it would even be an issue. So please accept my apologies for any lost communication.

-Jeff Smith


So thats what its was about ok no problem but tlee me next time i had real problem whit login though that somehow my account was deleted lol


ya i was on it and im like i wonder why the website is down. thanks for telling us shadow