Xbox One already modded into 22-inch laptop, sold it to a lucky gamer

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Last generation, modders*took the PS3 and Xbox 360 and modified them in amazing ways. An impressive though somewhat popular way to modify the last-gen consoles were to make them portable. Once upon a time, Ben Heck took an Xbox 360 and turned it into a laptop. He also took a PS3 Slim and did the same. The PS4 and Xbox One haven’t been out very long yet — only a month or so — and despite their (slowly waning) difficulty to procure, someone who did manage to grab an Xbox One has already ripped out its insides and turned it into a laptop.

Modder James Terry, otherwise ominously known as DarkUncle, managed to stuff the innards of an Xbox One into a 22-inch laptop. However, rather than using an entirely new custom-made case, he repurposed the case of the Xbox One console itself, including the slot-loading disc drive.

Unfortunately for those who want to game on the go, you’ll still have to stick to your phone, tablet, PS Vita, or Nintendo 3DS, as this laptop mod does not include a battery and will need to be tethered to a power outlet. The ports on the back of the unit have been preserved, but an audio-out port was added for audio flexibility.*Not losing its branding, the Xbox One logo power light has been moved to the top of the laptop, so you can still see that the hardware is an Xbox One should you want to display it without actually using it.
If you’re in the market for an Xbox One laptop, Terry has already sold his mod to an undisclosed buyer, so we don’t have the information to reveal who you should bother about a resale. We also don’t know the price, but it’s safe to assume it costs more than the $499 retail Xbox One standalone console.



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think I'd rather spend the money on a top-o-line steam-box or kick-ass tower..