#GamingNews The recent RPG nerf in Call of Duty: Warzone is actually a buff

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TheXclusiveAce, a Call of Duty YouTuber who made a career out of analysing weapon statistics and testing/exploring areas not properly covered in-game, decided to test the new – supposedly less powerful – RPG to see whether it’s less effective now in Warzone.

According to his findings, the only thing the patch nerfed was the RPG’s damage radius, which has very slightly dropped from ten to nine meters. The maximum damage on non-direct hits, which is what most RPG hits are, got a massive buff to its damage potential, 150 to a whopping 250. This effectively means you can down a fully-armoured enemy by firing an RPG in their general direction.

Another area that got buffed has been the minimum damage on non-direct hits, going to 50 up from 30. As TheXclusiveAce notes, launchers seem to have gotten a full rework sometime in late April. Because these changes were never officially communicated, we may never how or exactly when.