The BearRocks

Nov 10, 2007
Our Local radio stations called The Bear, has a contest which is called the Bears toughest challenge. You come up with a really tough challenge and try to out beat anyone who comes up with another. Thus entered in a draw for 50,000 dollars. You should see what some of these ppl come up with, and do!!! also you can enter online for free... But I am guessing you have a better chance at winning when they come around and film you in your challenge. When I was the Kitchen Manager for Ceilis Irish Pub, they came in and watched a guy chew tobacco and spit it into a spitune, and then drink it...... Just to be entered! YUCK!!! and not good for your body! Anyways thought I would share some vids... Hope you can see them.

OMG I remember this one!! ITS THE WORST!!!


The Senior Elite

Dec 21, 2010
lol i think the worst one was the son and prostate exam one thats sick so are the others but that one takes the cake

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