Streams for tomorrow/CoD Ghosts all access


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Feb 17, 2007
What's crackin' [You]?!?!?

here is a link for tomorrows stream which will be CoD ghosts all access

Alternatively, you can also watch it through DirectTV if you have it, on, or through the Machinima app on Xbox 360.

The show will also be giving you at look at exclusive behind the scenes footage, interviews with the Infinity Ward team will be conducted, and more.

It will be hosted by Geoff Keighley and Justine Ezarik.

Cll of Duty: Ghosts will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 November 5 and is slated for release on PS4 and Xbox One as well.

As promised IGN have released some Ghosts footage.

The two videos

IGN Interview Mark Rubin.

Two New Screen Shots

Specific things to Note.

Acording to IW, the use of Simon "Ghost" Riley's iconic mask is pure fan service.

Game is focused on South America oil regions

There is a mysterious biological threat with “devastated environment”
  • Which soliders and childern investigate in hazard suits.
Underwater level is an environment of it’s own.
  • You have gun fights,
  • Soldiers coming at your location from different directions.
  • Using a Russian weapon that is weak, but useful underwater. “
  • Enemies and the player take cover behind rocks and reefs, but also use the unique verticality to get an elevated shot or dodge fire.”
The Dog

The dog is what a drone is to black ops 2.
The dog is more than just an AI companion — it's a remote recon scout and deadly weapon controlled by the player via a tablet-like viewfinder. (it's based entirely on the real-life use of service dogs by elite Navy SEAL teams).

Source -


Title: Call of Duty: Ghosts
Release: November 5th 2013
Developers: Infinity Ward, Neversoft, Raven Software
Publisher: Activision Publishing, inc.​

  • Running on a new next-gen engine.
  • New storyline, new characters.
  • "The most beautiful Call of Duty game we've ever made." - Eric Hirshberg
  • "The most character-driven and emotionally engaging Call of Duty game we've ever made." - Eric Hirshberg
  • "The best Call of Duty game we've ever made." - Eric Hirshberg
  • Runs at 60 FPS.
  • Will support Kinect voice commands.
  • Co-op will make a return in some way.
  • "Second-screen integration". - Eric Hirshberg
  • Xbox will receive DLC first.
  • Interactive smoke.
  • Lean around corners to shoot enemies from cover.
  • Slide to prone from sprinting and shoot after.
  • Mantle / vault over waist-high walls without losing momentum.
  • A dog will join your squad this time; players will become attached to the dog.
  • The Ghosts are remnants of ex US special forces; SEALs, Delta Force, etc.
  • The game starts with a "mass event" in which America is ruined.
  • Greatly improved graphics (lighting, shaders, textures, etc).

DM Lordlander

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Mar 2, 2007

Not going to lie, that script that read my name kind of freaked me out haha.

Regarding fish AI: [youtube]TMYso30L9zI[/youtube]

DM RC-blazer

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Feb 21, 2010
Fuck the hype.
Oh, and I vet £20 that the dog dies.

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