Sony sells Sony Online Entertainment and all its MMOs

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Games By Matthew Humphries Feb. 2, 2015 3:20 pm
If you’re a fan of massively-multiplayer online games, then Sony Online Entertainment will be known to you. It’s the home of Planetside, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, DC Universe Online, H1Z1, and a host of other online games. However, it’s no longer called Sony Online Entertainment and is no longer owned by Sony.
New York investment management group Columbus Nova has acquired SOE from Sony along with all its properties and renamed it Daybreak Game Company. It will now operate as an independent company with all existing games continuing to function as normal. Everquest Next and Planetside 2 will also continue to be developed. However, no longer being controlled by Sony means all the games are open to more platforms, including Xbox and mobile hardware.
With an investment company in control, you can guarantee they’ll push hard to get these revenue-generating games into as many gamer hands as possible. That means new platforms should be supported quickly, as well as new features to support play across multiple platforms. We may even see some previous games that were shutdown reconsidered, or at least revamped for a relaunch in the near future.
Online gaming is certainly a growth market at the moment, and Columbus Nova has seen an easy way to hit the ground running. With both PS4 and Xbox One being available in China now, you wouldn’t bet against a push for all these games to make their way East, too.
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