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While we continue to review and critique the entries in our debut GTAV Rockstar Editor video contest (look for an official announcement soon), right now we***39;ve got a collection of the latest and greatest Editor creations from the community at-large in our round-up of featured fan videos. As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we regularly share impressive fan-made vids.GUNSHIP - The Mountain [Official Music Video] Directed and Edited by 8-BIT BASTARDThis commission by Gunship, for the second video off their forthcoming album, puts the talents of our friends 8-Bit Bastard (creators of the inaugural Rockstar Editor video "Running, Man" and lots more great GTA-inspired YouTube shenanigans) on full display. The synthwave track blends well with the retro-inspired action - which features a gravity-defying chase through a transit tunnel, followed by a fierce showdown in the Los Santos Storm Drain and an explosive standoff with the local PD. GTAV: Grove Street 4 Life by MidnightClubIf their channel***39;s name wasn***39;t enough of a clue, MidnightClub***39;s nostalgia for past Rockstar titles has manifested itself in this faithful recreation of the San Andreas intro scenes with GTAV lookalikes taking on the roles of CJ, officers Tenpenny and Pulaski, and the various members of the Grove Street Families. Much like LucchiniSW***39;s previously featured Vice City Intro recreation, the beginning includes a great use of the classic cut out graphics and silhouettes from the opening titles. We also appreciate the little details, like Ryder circling in the background at the end of the scene."Max Payne 3" - TV Commercial by TheGoldenHitmanAnother throwback video created with help from the Rockstar Editor - this one casts Michael De Santa in a shot-for-shot recreation of the original Max Payne 3 TV commercial, complete with the classic track "Tears" by GTAV soundtrack artists HEALTH. A labor of love, TheGoldenHitman describes the original spot as his "all time favorite trailer". City of Dreams II by WARGODCINEMAHaving created the first GTA 5 - City of Dreamz video on the PS4, WARGODCINEMA puts the enhanced capabilities of GTAV on PC and the Rockstar Editor to great use in this stunning sequel. We***39;re glad to see Wargod***39;s continued with the winning combination of a lilting piano soundtrack combined with brilliantly unique shot selection and composition (a staple of all of Wargod***39;s videos). This city montage really stands out from the crowd in capturing the tragic beauty of Los Santos and the unnerving oscillation between peace and brutal mayhem.The Stunt Lads Show: Pilot by HatFilmsRewriting the rulebook on what a stunt video can be, the fellas from the Hat Films team have released their pilot episode of The Stunt Lads Show, a series that combines sharp banter and cheeky humor with equally crazy stunting. We’re happy to report that their pilot appears to have been picked up, as it’s been followed since with new episodes like the epic “EXTREME Golfing!” where the lads risk life and limb for internet glory and the chance of a marginally increased production budget.Also Check Out:For a more traditional stunt video, check out FishyDizzle***39;s Team-Tage video for a display of stunning biking technicality and finesse from an international array of talent. GTAV: Create Awesome Videos in 5 Steps by whanowaThere have been a few attempts at Rockstar Editor video tutorials since launch, but none goes as in-depth as whanowa***39;s "GTAV: Create Awesome Videos in 5 Steps". As well as a holistic overview, each section of this 20 minute epic is packed with helpful tips and tricks, complete with reference clips and demonstrations. If you***39;re an aspiring Rockstar Editor, this video is highly recommended. Also Check Out:"Serial Killer" by matthewisonfire. This tribute to Motorhead***39;s track "Serial Killer" featuring Lemmy***39;s rasping vocals, is a glimpse in to the dark world of a dark mind. Share videos you***39;ve created in the comments below, or post ones from other creators that you find deserving of recognition. For tips and tricks on the GTAV PC Rockstar Editor, make sure to check out our recent series of Rockstar Editor Tips posts as well as the Tutorial page on Social Club. Previously:Red Dead Tribute, The Hit and Next Level Drifting SkillsThrilling Remakes, Original Concepts and Beauteous Showcases