New Battlefield 4 update causing netcode issues and crashes

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The latest update has re-introduced many of the netcode and rubber-banding issues, according to player reports.
“No again…” is what many Battlefield 4 players are thinking at the moment, especially on the PC platform.
According to various reports, including numerous reports on the official BF4 Forums, the latest game and server updates released alongside the Dragon’s Teeth expansion are causing netcode issues and lag spikes
Furthermore, the update seems to have increased game client crashes on the PC considerably. It took DICE months of work and many patches to fix these issues, which now appear to be back.
Players are reporting kill trades, one hit kills, getting shot behind cover, poor hit detection — all associated with the troubled netcode that has been plaguing Battlefield 4 since day-one. The previous patch fixed some of the netcode issues, but these now appear to be back.
DICE has acknowledged that some players are experiencing these problems, and now recommends players activate the high-frequency option in the network settings and setting to high. However, the game server needs to support this as well in order for it to work properly.
Yet, those who did set the high frequency option are still reporting these issues (example on the official forums). In order for the high frequency setting to work, the game server needs to support it, and to support the feature, servers need more resources and bandwidth.
The new maps introduced with Dragon’s Teeth seem to be the most affected by the netcode and rubberbanding issues. DICE is working on a new server patch, but it’s unknown if this will help alleviate the current problems.