New Battlefield 4 patch coming in September, changes outlined

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DICE has revealed what will be included in the upcoming client patch.

DICE has announced that a new Battlefield 4 client patch will be released next month, and they’ve revealed some of the changes the patch will include.
The new Battlefield 4 patch will include core gameplay improvements, including improvements to several game modes, such as Rush, Obliteration, and Capture The Flag.
The patch also improves the much debated HUD, and makes it less cluttered, giving players the option of deciding what they want to see on the HUD.
Weapon and vehicles balance is also part of the new patch, with several weapons and vehicles getting tweaks. The suppression system has also been “tuned”, according to DICE.
Finally, the patch will include netcode improvements, which has been affected negatively since the last patch. Many of these changes will be tested in the Battlefield 4 CTE release, before being applied to the regular game.
You can find a full list of patch details here.