New Battlefield 4 glitch lets players combine classes


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A newly discovered BF4 glitch lets players combine two classes, e.g. an engineer with an ammo box for infinite rockets.
A newly discovered Battlefield 4 glitch lets players combine two classes into one. The video shows how to easily combine the engineer and support class, and equip a rocket launcher with the ammo bag, effectively getting unlimited rockets.
All that’s required for the glitch to work is to pick a class, and select one gadget while leaving the other slot open, then for the next class, do the same but in reverse. When spawning, hit the R1 and L1 buttons (on the Xbox, hit the R buttons), and you will now spawn with a combined class.
The video above shows how it’s easily done. We’ve heard reports that it’s possible to do on the PC as well, simply by quickly pressing the Shift and Control buttons.
We’re surprised it took so long to discover the glitch — it seems so simple and straightforward that it’s unlikely it was introduced with a recent patch. But this is Battlefield 4, so you never know…