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Mar 15, 2020
Data miners have found the following out so far for season 3.

Two new weapons

SKS sniper (intervention from MW2)
Lightweight semi auto Carbine chambered in 7.62x39mm. This hard hitting and agile Soviet rifle focuses on utility over accuracy. It flaunts a faster fire rate than other weapons in its class, but a carefully placed round will eliminate the need for follow up shots entirely. This classic DMR has seen a lot of battles, and its unique gunsmith configurations reflect a diverse service history.

Renetti pistol
Well rounded semi-auto 9mm pistol. This unassuming sidearm excels in close range combat, and features gunsmithing capabilities unique to the pistol class that permit a variety of engagement strategies.

Two New Maps

Backlot from Cod4

Village from MW3

Two New Operators

Alex from the campigan

Ronin - Unknown at this time.

Youtuber Creator Codes

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Warzone playlist updates

Battle Royale Duos
Teams of Two. Loot and Kill. Last team standing wins.
Battle Royale Quads
Teams of Four. Loot and Kill. Last team standing wins.
Battle Royale High Action
Loot and Kill. The Gas closes in faster, so get moving.
Battle Royale Shotty Snipers
Shotguns and Snipers only. Near? Far? Wherever…BR. There are no Loadout drops.
Battle Royale One Shot
Battle Royale with 1-shot Headshots and no loadout drops.
Realism Battle Royale
Hardcore Battle Royale
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