In the name of DM

DM Vicious

PSN = TheVicious-

Founding Member
Apr 21, 2010
if i remember correctly i saw the guy who created DM back in the summer when i was playing BO zombies i will see if he was the legit starter of dm but he was rockin the clan tag his name was like play action or sumtin and his psn name had the dm not in the clan tag section i go thim added but i havent played mw3 with him

DM Hunt3r

PSN = Hunterish__dM

Founding Member
Feb 25, 2010
Hey, I played with your son a while back.. I didnt know it though, I just thought it was MM's friend. Good stuff!!

DM Poisoned


Founding Member
Jul 13, 2009

I always play with Lemon Pledge and Meaty. They're pretty fun to play pubs with hehe. And that's insane, I bet he did that in exchange for something lol.

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