#GamingNews HOW TO GET INTO BUNKER 11 & UNLOCK THE NEW MP7 BLUEPRINT (Easter egg tutorial)

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Mar 15, 2020
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Drop in any of these locations:

  • Dam
  • BCH4 TV Station (two phones)
  • building south of Boneyard
  • buildings between Promenade East and Hills
  • Car dealer between Airport and Superstore
  • Port main building
  • Skyscraper in Downtown (1 floor down from the roof)
  • Fire station across bunker 11
In these locations you’ll find a phone, pick up the phone it will do one of two things:

  1. It will give a disconnect tone.
  2. A Russian guy will start talking and will give you three numbers in Russian.
Whenever option 2 happens, listen carefully for the Russian numbers he provides. The numbers correspond to phones around the map. From this point you can use the map in this post to figure out where you have to go to next. If you screw up, pick up a random phone three times to reset the entire process.

When you’ve picked up the three correct phones in the correct order, you’ll be able to go to bunker 11 and get inside.

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