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Aug 5, 2013
10-13-2015 02:07 PM

Today's major Destiny update added microtransactions to the game for the very first time. We've now visited the in-game Eververse Trading Company store and can confirm pricing details for the brand Silver currency and the various emotes you can buy.
Everyone gets 400 Silver to start, which is enough to buy two standard emotes, as they sell for 200 Silver each. "Legendary" emotes, of which there are two ("the Carlton" from Fresh Prince is one of them), cost 500 Silver each. This emote is known as the "Enthusiastic" dance. Check it out in the gallery above.
You can buy additional bundles of Silver at the following price points.

  • 500 -- $5
  • 1,100 --$10
  • 2,300 --$20
If you want to buy all 18 of Destiny's new emotes, it would cost you 4,200 Silver, or about $38. Check back soon for a detailed video overview of these emotes and the Eververse Trading Company.
Emotes are only cosmetic and do not affect gameplay. Bungie has not yet said if it plans to introduce items other than emotes through the Eververse Trading Company.
Whatever the case, one analyst believes Destiny's microtransactions could be big business, capable of generating "hundreds of millions" per year.
For more on Destiny's big 2.0.1. update, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.


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