First of 8 limited edition Street Fighter dioramas costs $90

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Games By Matthew Humphries Jan. 31, 2015 10:03 am
Hardcore Street Fighter fans, you have a lot of saving to do and some quick pre-orders to place this year. That’s because BigBoysToys HK has been given a green light by Capcom to create some very high-quality and limited edition dioramas for the series.
The first depicts Ryu, will be released in March, and can be pre-ordered now through Play-Asia for an eye-watering $89.99. These are no ordinary dioramas, though. The Ryu figure is seen unleashing a Hadouken while standing in his Street Fighter II: The World Warriors stage. The Hadouken lights up and the familiar “Hadouken” sound plays when the button built into the floor is pressed. Included in the box is the body and base, background mount, and background frame set. It looks like you’ll have to supply your own batteries, though.

You can see the diorama in action over on Facebook.
Availability is simply listed as limited, which tells us very little other than pre-ordering is essential. $90 is a lot of money to spend, and it seems likely the other 7 in the series will cost the same. So that’s $720 you need to raise as well as being on high alert when each pre-order goes live. It’s probably worth it though if you’re a big Street Fighter fan, and depending on how limited quantities actually are, we could see them appearing on eBay at similar prices to the World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary orc statues.

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