FIFA 14 is crashing the Xbox One when 2 controllers are conn

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Aug 5, 2013

If you picked up an Xbox One today that didn’t suffer with a broken Blu-ray drive or scratched case, you probably sat down to play a few games. But if one of those games turns out to be FIFA 14, you may end up crashing your Xbox One.

It’s actually a very strange bug that made it past the game’s Q&A testing phase. For some reason, if you have a second controller plugged in and assigned to a user profile while the game is loading, it can result in a crash. The issue seems to be related to using that second controller to navigate the “bootflow” as EA calls it–the section of the game before you reach the main menu.

For now, EA is advising players not to use a second controller for navigation, but that player two can join in once the main menu has been reached using that first controller. The game can also crash in co-op mode if the captain is using a custom formation and the non-captain isn’t, but that’s much less likely to happen.

A third bug relates to the use of online features in the game. If you suspend the Xbox One while it is on the FIFA 14 title screen, when you un-suspend none of the online features will be available to use. The only way to re-enable them is to restart the console.

EA is currently working on an update that it hopes will fix all the issues listed above and more. Thankfully the bugs all involve fairly specific circumstances and can easily be avoided, however, the two controller issue may come up more regularly because FIFA 14 is typically a game you play with friends. It’s also a game that is shipping for free with the console, making it much more widely available than it otherwise would be.



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Re: FIFA 14 is crashing the Xbox One when 2 controllers are

Silly EA...when will they learn....
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