EA learns its lesson: Battlefield Hardline delayed to 2015

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EA has delayed Battlefield Hardline to early next year in order to ensure a "smooth launch".

With all the problems Battlefield 4 had to go through — and is still going through — you’d assume EA would think twice before moving on to another Battlefield game so soon.
Battlefield Hardline was supposed to be released this year, but EA has now announced that the game has been delayed to 2015. Which could very well mean that for once, we might have a Battlefield game that’s actually playable at launch.
EA announced that Visceral Games’ Battlefield Hardline has been delayed to early 2015 in order have a “smooth launch”. According to EA’s Karl Magnus-Troedsson, “single-player and multiplayer will benefit from the delay”.
This is good news for gamers, and we can hardly think of anyone who was in a hurry to play Hardline this Fall. Battlefield 4 is still fresh, and despite its problems, still has many players out there.
The announcement should also mean good news for Battlefield 4, as it will remain EA’s main first person shooter this year. Hopefully it will mean more and better patches — the recent patch seems to have broken the game once again.