Chinese phone company directly compares Apple to Hitler, creates Apple swastika

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Apple By James Plafke Mar. 27, 2015 4:12 pm
You may not like Apple — be it their tough stance on making your own hardware upgrades, the inflated prices, or even their crusade against ports — but this one Chinese company dislikes them more than you ever could. You might compare Apple to Samsung, iOS to Android, or OS X to Windows, but Chinese internet video*company Leshi TV just compared Apple to Hitler.

The comparison was made in an ad, seen above, for Leshi TV’s new smartphone. The comparison might not be apparent at first, but if you look at cartoon Adolf’s armband, you’ll notice a familiar tech company’s logo in place of the notorious swastika — even if you can’t normally perfectly identify the logo.*If you notice the opening doors shown*in the ad, the door frame is depicted as the outline of a mobile phone, which matches a previously leaked image of Leshi TV’s upcoming smartphone set to release in April, the LeTV X900.
The ad was posted onto the Weibo page — a Chinese microblogging site that’s often described as a mashup of Twitter and Facebook — of Leshi TV’s CEO and founder, Jia Yueting. The text on the ad compares Android to iOS — one stands for freedom, while the other symbolizes tyranny. Pretty strong ideology to apply to machines primarily used to run through temples and bug your friends with silly emojis. The CEO claimed that Apple is hindering innovation, and thus is harming the mobile market, which isn’t exactly a new notion put forth by Apple detractors, but comparing the company to Hitler is a little much.
Also, owning the “phone that used Hitler to promote itself” probably isn’t a big draw.