Check out 12 minutes of Battlefield Hardline singleplayer footage


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New singleplayer video showcases plenty of cut-scenes and quick-time events.
Usually “Battlefield” and “singleplayer” mix like oil and water. With the exception of the Bad Company games, the singleplayer in Battlefield games has been atrocious, especially in BF3 and BF4. Now EA is giving it another shot, with a whole new series starting with Battlefield Hardline.
EA revealed a 12 minute portion of the singleplayer campaign at GamesCom, which shows off the characters, story, and setup that will propel the Hardline singleplayer campaign.
As you can see above, for the most part it appears to be the run-on-the-mill, cut-scene heavy, somewhat-cliched singleplayer experience, especially during the first half. Not to mention the various quicktime events. Half of the time, it appears that the player has no control of what’s going on.
We have to admit one thing, though: the game looks very nice. The interior atmosphere is very moody, and the exterior world looks gorgeous.