Black Ops Cold War leaks:

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I won't be covering leaks on YOUTUBE at the moment, Activison have gone hard for my channel, close to loosing it.

#BlackOpsColdWar leaks:
- Dead Silence returns as a Perk
- Normal Minimap is back
- Ground War returns
- New Scorestreak/Killstreak Hybrid System
- Maps vary in location, design and playstyle
- Sliding returns
- 150 Health, but weapons deal more damage

New and Old Black Ops Weapons leaked so far:
- M16A2
- AK5
- AK74u
- Colt Commando
- MP5
- Socimi Type 821 (Uzi clone)
- Type 63
- Stoner 63
- Type 15
- M40 Sniper
- Stim Equipment returns
- New and Old Weapons featured
- Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed and a new mode called VIP for Multiplayer
- EKIA returns
- 12v12 game mode

Create-A-Class is a Pick-10/Classic Hybrid:
- Gunsmith returns but is limited and not over-complex as MW
- Each Weapon has 5 base attachment slots
- 3 Perk Tiers
- Warlord Perk from BO1 returns in a new way - you can max out extra attachment slots

Multiplayer Maps are unique and play in different ways:
- Miami Map - 6v6 3-laned but biggish, set on a beach, club & hotel
- 12v12 Ocean Map set across 3 warships that you can zipline across - Swimming mechanic returns as the Ocean map has sunken areas to explore
Black Ops Cold War Graphics are on par, if not, better than MW's graphics. Map environments have that classic Treyarch vibrant colour palette and are more visually appealing while staying realistic. Also less clutter on the maps.

- Tank Map - 6v6 close quarters, set around a tank building facility - This map was leaked a couple of months ago
- Desert Map - Possibly set in North Africa - Big open map - Looks similar to Sinai Desert from Battlefield 1 - Features Supply Crates on map to change class/get ammo

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