Battlefield 4 has more players on PS4 than on PC


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The PlayStation 4 has become the leading platform for the game.

The Battlefield series started on the PC and has always been considered a PC title — after all, the best versions of the games were always found on PC, especially when it came to visuals.
But the new console generation is giving some serious competition to PC. According to P-Stats Network, who track Battlefield 4 player numbers across all platforms, the PlayStation 4 has been the leading BF4 platform for the past several months.
As the graph above shows, the PC was the clear leader when the game launched, but PC players steadily left the game, and over the past few months, the PS4 has been the platform with the most active players.
One big reason for this could be that the PC version has been so unstable, so buggy and laggy since launch, that PC gamers have simply given up on the game. While the game has had its issues on consoles as well, PC players seem to be the ones hardest hit.
DICE is currently working on a new Battlefield 4 patch which should be released sometime early next month on all platforms.