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    Two-start pitchers & SP streamers: Week 19

    Clayton Kershaw Source: Harry How/Getty Images North America A top-heavy set of two-start pitchers for this week makes up for the small number of two-starters, but there aren’t very many deep- and AL-/NL-only plays. Clayton Kershaw – Tue at STL, Sun vs. TB Mike Minor – Mon at WSH, Sun vs...
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    Dixon’s Picks: Waiver Wire Additions for the Week of August 5

    Photo courtesy of Keith Allison. Another week is done. In fewer than two months, the 2013 season will be a memory and us fantasy baseball junkies will be stuck staring at the calendar, waiting for March and draft season. Before taking a look at the season recap, I’m not exactly sure what...
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    Creeper Of The Week: Calhoun-amatata

    Don't be shellfish... First and foremost, I’d like to start this little piece off with a big thanks to all of those who read these creeper posts.* It’s meant a lot to me but I’m afraid I have to move on from them for a while…like for a week.* You think I’d abandon you?* Never!* You’re like a box...
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    Minor Accomplishments: Week 18

    Don't be shellfish... The Pittsburgh Pirates have the best record in baseball.* At least right now, as I’m typing this, they do.* The Bucs are an exciting big league club composed with a seemingly perfect balance of youthful talent and veteran savvy, and they have a legitimate chance at a...
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    Minor Accomplishments: Week 17

    Don't be shellfish... The Phillies paid a shizzload of dough to sign the big league-ready Cuban RHP, Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez.* The deal is worth up to $60 million, $40+ million of which is guaranteed.* So, if we’re taking for granted that Ruben Amaro knows what he’s doing, then it’s a safe...
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    Conquer Mars Indiegogo offers alpha access next week

    Add to My News Story by Brenna Hillier Fri, Jul 26, 2013 | 03:21 BST Multiplayer, browser-based RTS Conquer Mars goes into alpha next week for those who back its crowdfunding campaign. The eight-player battles are designed to minimise micro-management, and because there’s no fog of war you...
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    2013 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Pickups: Week Eighteen (Blog: Waiver Flavor)

    Posted by Tom Blaz on 07/25/2013 | 0 Comments Tags: Wily Peralta, Brad Ziegler, Adeiny Hechavarria, Michael Saunders, Jonathan Villar, Junior Lake, Christian Yelich, Erasmo Ramirez, Jarred Cosart, Brandon Beachy, Mark Melancon, Joe Kelly, Miguel Gonzalez, Alex Wood, Antonio Bastardo, Chris...
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    Guacamelee El Diablo’s Domain DLC arrives this week

    Add to My News Story by Brenna Hillier Tue, Jul 23, 2013 | 03:48 BST This week’s PlayStation Store update includes a stack of new content for PlayStation 3 and Vita favourite Guacamelee. Gamespot reports the pack is due in North American and Europe with the PlayStation Store’s regular weekly...
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    Saint’s Row 4 to be re-appraised by Australian Classification Board next week

    Add to My News Story by Dave Cook Mon, Jul 22, 2013 | 12:59 BST Saint’s Row 4 was denied classification in Australia last month over content concerns, but now it seems the Classification Board is reconvening to take another look at the game next week. You can read up on the game’s initial...
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    Creeper Of The Week: Smoak’um If You Got’um

    Don't be shellfish... Thanks for the welcome back all from my All-Star Weekend excursion.* I talked with Grey and he said ‘why the heck didn’t you write one?’ to which I responded ‘but please, sir, you promised me some time off around the break while I worked on the Razzball Fantasy Football...
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC Stasis Interrupted could land next week – report

    Add to My News Story by Stephany Nunneley Sat, Jul 20, 2013 | 21:05 BST The rumored Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC, Stasis Interrupted, could be released as early as next week, according to DSoGaming. Per the site’s report, the DLC is slated to land on July 23 and will be preceded by a patch...
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    Week 17 Pitching Forecaster

    Many Fantasy owners returned from the All-Star break to a three-game week that was akin to an appetizer. You're glad to see it arrive at the table, but it leaves you wanting more. Get ready, because in Fantasy Week 18 (July 22-28), you're about to get a family-sized entree. Most Added Starters...
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    Week 16 Pitching Forecaster

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    Hit Parade for Week 16

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    Fantasy Waiver Wire: Week 16, Vol. II

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    Play's of the Week

    kF9tDXGICCk?hd=1&vq=hd1080 edit: Plays o' the Week (Beta): This would NOT be a top 10/20 but would be a list of video's and then forum members could vote on which is the best.....or maybe a 20$ gift cert from store? Or Xbl/psn card? Good idea or no? Just trying to generate more content for...
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    Leaving for a week

    I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I'll be back on the 26th. Ps3 gb team keep scrolling and GBing and good luck.
  18. DM FlyMEXboy

    leaving for a week

    yea well my parents had this brilliant idea that they wanna take a roadtrip to nowhere and now I'm stuck with them for a week. I leave tomorrow so just a heads up I'll be gone, I'll check in every now and then when my phone isn't dead
  19. DM CptReilly

    Free Hulu+ on 360 this week

    XBL subscribers, If your free netflix has expired (lBrawlerl), check out Hulu+ which is apparently free this week. This article says 7.99/week but I'm really hoping that is a typo http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/Horizons/2011/0430/Hulu-Plus-hits-Xbox-Live-with-complimentary-first-week...
  20. DM4L SK

    Gone for a week<3

    Going to Florida for spring break.. Leave sunday 4a.m est. Peace out everyone. SK<3