1. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews Patch note 07.05.2020

    Patch note 07.05.2020 General Fixes: Tuning all smoke challenges to be a bit more forgiving. This includes the challenge to unlock the Bruen MK9 Fix to help prevent vehicle exploits Various exploit fixes, including Ground War Infected GameBattles: Fix for a few issues where players might not...
  2. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews How to unlock the new Obsidian Camo in Modern Warfare

    This new update brought a brand new master camo – Obsidian – to Modern Warfare, and it’s a challenge to unlock. Players need to have Gold camo unlocked for the specific weapon they want to get Obsidian camo for. Once you have Gold, here’s a look at the unlock requirements to get Obsidian...
  3. DM Poisoned

    What should I get? (No flame war intended)

    So I recently acquired a summer job, and my first paycheck comes in next Friday. I'll finally be able to buy shit, and I was wondering whether I should buy a new PS3, or anothe Xbox. My current Xbox is fucking up and it's getting to a point where I can't take it, but it's still working. Getting...
  4. Misery

    Gears of War 3 Rape.

    Ya haven't been here in a while most of you know me as Con or whatever, just stopping by, probably going to get banned but if I don't cool. I'm posting this gears clip of me and my friend Ambition L1. We were playing pubs and playing nerds that have the highest ranks. Watch me rape the highest...
  5. A

    MW3 Ground War - Whats your best stats ????

    mw3 best score on ground war domination
  6. DM Ace of SPADES

    Gears of War 3(SPADES Try-outs)

    http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xbox360/gears-of-war-3/team/raw-fo-sreag-3/ Thats my team right now currently, however, 2 of those members are not permanent. They are friends helping me out. Here are my requirements: 1. Mic 2. Sense of teamwork 3. Knows how to respect. Thats...
  7. DM Ace of SPADES

    Gears of War 3

    Hey guys, SPADES here,former commander of the bc2 team. I have an xbox in my dorm now and I am getting gears of war 3 the day it comes out. Now I know this game will be big i am confident, I am asking if I have permission to lead. I am a good commander I have people who can speak for me on that.
  8. DM DHomeboy

    DM vs Gods Of War

    Beat these kids
  9. GaZa

    First War Report 08/08/2011

    The First War Report is due today. Remember to have the Date in the thread name along with the Game name. Report Date:(When Subforums or made put Date As the Thread Name) Console: PS3 Commander/Captain: Name Game: Gbs/ Practice:(If No practice or GB is done, simply state No Practice or GB...
  10. C

    War Story, (Back in Action)

    Well DM, it's been forever since I made one of these. So here it goes.. *As Dawn approaches, fog lifts in the nearby inlet of the harbor, little did any serviceman know that day, was that they would be a part of history in just a few hours, history of which still much has been left unwritten...
  11. B

    Sunday Night War (for fun) on Mohh1!!!

    iighh so me and most of the pros left on mohh scheduled this for tomoro night at 8:30pm eastern so if u would like to join us i would suggest for who ever will come to gt on an hour early to unrust and all that. So thanks for ur cooperation and see u guys till then :)
  12. I

    Clan war - infamous society

    Whats up guys the name's PoKe. I was on gamebattles.com and one of your members posted a thread talking about wanting a challenge. Well if you're up to it, come by our site sometime and we can discuss the possibility of having a friendly scrimage or maybe even a GB match. Over in my clan I'm...
  13. DM DeathWish

    A question regarding Gears of War 3 ?

    Will DM just wondering for us Xbox 360 users were there be a DM in Gears of War 3 i think it comes out in the same month of Resistance 3 and if there is may you guys put some info regarding the leaders and DM branch for this game.::blunt
  14. GaZa

    DM vs DL War Report 1

    GazaMehSeh BulliesShouldDie vs Avinash Darkman AA Score: 510 400 DM wins GazaMehSh BulliesShouldDie vs Avinash x-D3IT4X No AA Score: 502 468 DM wins 400-510
  15. cOnViCtiOn-4L

    Time to schedule a war

    this is for rr..3v3 please.umm..just tell me when you can do this..and ill post it on my site...but please..give me two days notice on the war date
  16. DM Bowser

    Has the war in Iraq done more good or harm?

    I figured this would be a good and interesting discussion topic. What do you guys think?