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    RCL Update: August 6

    Don't be shellfish... MasterofGrond’s Waco Night Terrors (Imposing Sea Creatures) held on to first place behind a strong pitching week, including an RCL-best 0.68 ERA.* Max Scherzer, Homer Bailey, Madison Bumgarner, and A.J. Burnett all pitched well. They missed Miguel Cabrera this week, and...
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    RotoAuthority League Update: So Who's Going to Win?

    « Stock Watch: The Real Trading Deadline | Main By Andrew Gephardt [August 5, 2013 at 8:00am CST] The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball*league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups along with 3...
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    Crytek takes four websites offline due to “suspicious activity” – update

    Add to My News Story by Staff Mon, Aug 05, 2013 | 11:25 BST Crytek has announced some of its websites have been breached, so it has taken four offline. The publisher has now confirmed that user accounts may have become compromised. UPDATE: Crytek has now issued a statement to...
  4. OUTL4W

    Planetside 2 game update 13 live, Esamir refreshed

    Add to My News Story by Brenna Hillier Wed, Jul 24, 2013 | 23:01 BST Planetside 2 game update 13 is live, bringing changes to the icy continent of Esamir. According to patch notes released last week, which may not be entirely accurate now that the update is live, Esamir has had “a major...
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    RotoAuthority League Update: Projected Final Standings

    « Stock Watch: Buy What You Need...Even If It's Not Very Good | Main By Andrew Gephardt [July 22, 2013 at 8:00am CST] The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball*league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups...
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    Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2 going free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers – update

    Halo 3 and Assassin***8217;s Creed 2 are going free as part of Microsoft***8217;s new scheme, which sees two retail games given to Xbox Live Gold subscribers each month. The games will still cost you at the time of writing, but they***8217;ll be going free at some point this month, so consider...
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    PSN video update adds Oz: the Great and Powerful and more, trailers inside

    Sony has released its weekly video store update, which sees Sam Raimi***8217;s Oz the Great and Powerful, Jason Statham***8217;s face-punching romp Parker and more added to PSN. Get the trailers here. Oz: the Great and Powerful (early release) Available now in the UK to buy priced £11.99...
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    Minecraft PC gets new launcher, is necessary for update 1.6 and beyond

    Minecraft developer Majong has released a new launcher for the game. It***8217;s free, isn***8217;t as drab-looking as the original, and is necessary to play Minecraft 1.6 and later. The new launcher is said to boast better performance and stability, along with a new set of features...
  9. DM Hunt3r

    DeMon EL1TE [Official Update Thread]

    I know I already have a thread that I've been updating you guys on the status of our PS3 Black Ops members/teams, but I thought I'd make this to show my DM represented Gamebattles team. Current PS3 Team Ladder Rank: 16th (top page) out of 2,574. Current Record:[/B] 20-1 Record Against...
  10. DM Hunt3r

    dM EL1TE + PS3 Black Ops Update

    Hey guys, I just thought I'd check in to tell everyone how everything on the PS3 is doing. Subscribe? http://www.youtube.com/user/DeMonEL1TE Follow? http://www.twitch.tv/demon_el1te GB Team Link: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/ps3/call-of-duty-black-ops-ii/team/et-demon- My team is...
  11. DM DHomeboy

    12/2/12 Crossfire Update

  12. D

    Update PS3 DM

    Hello ! Sorry guys I have been really busy. Black ops 2 came out and I love the game ! WOOOHOO! XD me and my friends have done cm's and some League Play. So we will like to be call The DM YouTube Team. Cuz we basically posting videos of everything on youtube. You can go check em out at...
  13. DM Undead_CORPSE69

    Update for anyone wondering

    im still around here and there, have BO2 for xbox 360 been playing that for a while not the greatest but i can tell u im better at it than BO lol ive been playin more of Domination i actually really like that mode alot im good at getting flag points, im usually the top player of the game in the...
  14. DM MysterySock

    New RBS update!

    It will probably still be a terrible game but after two months they announce on twitter the update they have been working on for two months is in final testing with SonyQA. It will fix connection issues like joining a lobby and it never starting. Also the Mule with be nerfed. two months for that..
  15. DM TStreets

    a update with whats going on

    well first I just want to say congratulations to the tournament winners, also the tor and rpn for the promotions great job you to most definitely deserve it. ok basically fastest and easiest way is to say baby momma drama. we recently split up and I moved out and starting the whole custody...
  16. DM Deathrow

    Small Site Update

    Just making a few changes to the website and letting everyone know that a new game banner has replaced our old, outdated one. Black Ops, MW3, and soon to be Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 will be the games our clan will be competing in. The game banner will yet again change once our clan decides to...
  17. DM CptReilly

    Skyrim Progress Update?

    How is everyone's Skyrim progress coming along? Are you still playing or are you done? What are you up to now? Main Quest: Haven't played this in a long time, I'm supposed to be getting the Grey Beard to get a truce going between the civil war peeps. Thieves Guild: Got that skeleton key and...
  18. DM DHomeboy

    Cryptik.DMG team update May-June 2012

  19. DM DHomeboy

    Le CF Team Update.

  20. DM DHomeboy

    Theee Crossfire Team Update. #SWAG