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    2013 Fantasy Baseball, Total Run Series: First Basemen

    Nostalgia has no place in fantasy sports. Yet, thousands of fantasy sports players fall victim to it every year. If there is one thing no one can predict, it is the career arc of a player in any sport. Some guys falter before their time and others just seem to go on and on and on. When I was...
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    2013 Fantasy Baseball, Total Runs Series: Catchers

    I ran a series like this a couple of months ago. It’s time to take another look at this key statistic and what it means for your fantasy team. Last time, we took a look at how your fantasy draft went in comparison with performance. With the season winding down for most folks, a fresh look at...
  3. Royal1Wun

    Total Wtf!!!!

    Alright so Im in the library and I got a project to do on the 60's 70's 80's and 90's where I gotta do reserch and stuff and I gotta do some reserch so ofcourse I want to :mmlsmiley: it. So Im on the computer and the librarian comes up to me and says I got to get off. Im like what why she says...