1. The Last day of Mixer......|

    The Last day of Mixer......|

    Smokey decided to do a stream on the final day of Mixer's existence.....Rest in Peace Mixer. Follow Smokey on Twitch -
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    Find New TV Shows to Stream - Tekzilla Daily Tip

    Description: Quick tips from Veronica Belmont and Patrick Norton that will keep your Windows PC or Mac running well, and to help you get more out of the internet. Includes tips, tricks, secrets and more for your laptop, notebook, PC, Windows, Vista, OSX and more. Our internet tips help you...
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    Check out my stream peepz

    I know I haven't been around a lot as of late. I don't have a console because I think console gaming is poop :troll: I play League of Legends and Counter Strike as of now. I've got a stream I play on quite a bit that maybe you guys would like to check out. If I'm not playing League, usually...