1. OUTL4W

    Drakengard 3 will have weapon stories, Kainé costume

    Add to My News Story by Brenna Hillier Wed, Jul 24, 2013 | 04:42 BST Nier fans who pick up the 10th Anniversary Commemoration edition of Drakengard 3 will score a Kainé costume. Siliconera reports Kainé’s costume has been chosen as the bonus outfit included in the 10th Anniversary...
  2. U

    New WTC reaches 101 stories!

    Soon to surpass the Empire State Building, NYC looks good tonight!
  3. DM DHomeboy

    Crazy Stories?

    Whats the craziest thing that you have heard from someone? Mine is that some guy on the radio said his wife takes shits and shapes them into dildos and freezes them and then uses em. lmfao thats facked up
  4. DM firevice

    Weed stories niqqa

    lets hear 'em
  5. DM ToRNaDo412

    old people have good stories lmfao NOT THE TALKING HOT DOG! AAAAA
  6. DM Klutch

    Funny Stories
  7. Morb

    Stories behind my many mohh1 accounts

    So today i went on mohh1 for the first time in 5 months, thought i would check it out well, i couldn't even remember my account names or passwords, so i had all my account names email to me i don't know whats funnnier, the fact i had 14 accounts, the fact that i had the time to make 14...
  8. DM Chosen1

    DM Chosen1's Fucked-Up Stories of the Day

    I seem to find lots of funny fucked up stories so im gonna start sharing them daily with you untill i run out. Enjoy :) Thats ones pretty fucking funny, just look at the middle...
  9. X

    funny stories dat i must share

    story1: ok i was at a 10 day camp wit 3 of my frends. ok this kid caled Leom, told me dat his dad looks at maxime and wen his dads not around, he looks at em, ok so the whole camp was near de beach. then i saw this freakin big spider on this brik, so i caled my frends...