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    2013 Fantasy Baseball, Total Run Series: First Basemen

    Nostalgia has no place in fantasy sports. Yet, thousands of fantasy sports players fall victim to it every year. If there is one thing no one can predict, it is the career arc of a player in any sport. Some guys falter before their time and others just seem to go on and on and on. When I was...
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    2013 Fantasy Baseball, Total Runs Series: Catchers

    I ran a series like this a couple of months ago. It’s time to take another look at this key statistic and what it means for your fantasy team. Last time, we took a look at how your fantasy draft went in comparison with performance. With the season winding down for most folks, a fresh look at...
  3. OUTL4W

    Street Fighter: Ono doesn’t want to “stop Street Fighter’s main numbered series at fo

    Add to My News Story by Stephany Nunneley Sat, Jul 27, 2013 | 22:05 BST Street Fighter maestro Yoshinori Ono said he would like to see more games created in the Street Fighter series, and even develop new ones for next-gen, but as with all gaming, it costs money. Speaking with 4gamer, Ono...
  4. OUTL4W

    Total Annihilation snapped up by series creator’s boss

    Add to My News Story by Brenna Hillier Mon, Jul 22, 2013 | 02:51 BST Wargaming, Stardock and Rebellion have all secured top bids in Atari’s ongoing bankruptcy auctions, with Total Annihilation finding a home with Chris Taylor’s new employer. Although sales are yet to be finalised, documents...
  5. DM God§ H3®o

    Good TV series/ Movies you recommend?

    Well I just got Netflix and was wondering if you guys have any good shows or movies you want to recommend. I like action movies, movies that make you think, and comedy for the most part, and I dont like drama or gay romantic shit. I also never watched lost, and was wondering what the fuss was...
  6. DM DHomeboy

    H+ Digital Series

    The series is based on a future where one-third of the world's population has an implanted computer, named H+, which connects the human mind to the Internet 24 hours a day. The implant was created by a company called Hplus Nano Teoranta, an Irish biotechnology company founded with the intent of...
  7. DM CptReilly

    I never got into the MGS Series, is it worth playing?

    I played the very beginning of Snake Eater a long time ago, and I had no idea wtf was going on so I gave it back to my friend. I know that these games are seen as some of the greatest games ever made so i wanted to check them out. What order should they be played in (I think some are...
  8. C

    Battlefield 3 - Fault Line Series Episode 1: Bad Part of Town
  9. DM DHomeboy

    CoD or Halo? Which is the better Series?

    Based Strictly on Campaigns. Ill keep it short. I think Halo is the best because it has more originality and a better story. Thoughts?
  10. Morb

    Entire MoH Series Ratings

    They should have quit while they were ahead in 2002. found these scores on:
  11. DM CptReilly

    Chad OchoCinco's Reality Series... YES!

    Check out this trailer I was a big Flavor of Love fan xD so this looks like it will be even better, 85 women LMFAO
  12. DM CptReilly


    So the show's final episode will air tonight, and I'm expecting it to be the most JIMP-inducing experience ever. CK and Beast know what Im talking about lol. So basically, I just want to encourage anyone who has never seen the show to watch the first season (I think its still on hulu?) It...
  13. V

    NGs Ultimate Soldiers Series

    National Geographic has an "Ultimate Soldiers" tv series where they push the best soldiers in the world to their limits to see what they can do. I found some extremely interesting tests and scenarios there, you can watch a lot of different episodes at their site. One that was really cool was a...
  14. RizZaHReCToR

    Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series

    hey guys. waaaaaaay back in the day i was a HUGE fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, i remember waking up early Saturday Mornings just to watch it... well i found this site wear this guy takes clips of the episodes and kinda remakes them, while changing the dialog. It makes for some REALLY funny stuff...
  15. OUTL4W

    Favorite Animated Series?

    Here you can vote for your favorite animated series. If you don't see your favorite show above, it's cuz your favorite show sucks and is probably some plotless, boring, japanimation, mess of a tv show that no one can understand. This poll will allow you to choose up to 2 shows. I voted...
  16. DM CptReilly

    World Series 2007: Who Ya Got?

    THE Colorado Rockies or the Boston Red Sox? The Cpt's pick: Rox in 4 Who ya Got?
  17. DM CptReilly

    THE Colorado Rockies are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!

    OH MY GOD! UNBELIEVABLE! My Rox did it, they are the National League Champions! I haven't shaved since the night before the Rox vs Padres Play-in game, and they haven't lost since then. Let's keep it going fellas!! PS - Attention Eric Byrnes: SUCK IT!
  18. X

    trash talk series

  19. DemonKing

    DM Halo Series

    :thumbup(1): will after watching the red vs blue season, i was thinking we should do 1 our selves. shadow agreed so were gonna need volunteers. u will b required the halo combact evolution which u can download a free trail on don't work the online is free 2 play :D nxt some1 must...