1. DM TStreets

    Rpg for ps3

    recently I've been bored with the sane game genres I always buy. so was wondering if any of you can recommend a good RPG. I did like mass effect and fallout, which to me was a RPG shooter. I honestly haven't played a real RPG since FFVII.
  2. DM Blazer

    Borderlands ( FPS RPG)

    Well i was wondering if anybody has this game, either 360 or PS3? I am probably going to buy it because MW2 is getting really boring and bf bc 2 will be another mp shooter. I just beat Batman: Arkham Asylum and thought that game was amazing. I saw a couple videos of borderlands and like the...
  3. DM_VanR

    RPG Games

    Anyone here love playing RPGs? If so,whats your favorite franchise?