1. Ghost 141

    #Playstation More Black Ops Cold War PlayStation exclusive features.

    All of the other content announced today (Extra Loadouts, etc), are PlayStation only until Nov. 1, 2021. - This is pathetic
  2. Ghost 141

    #Playstation PS5 Price leaks again

  3. Ghost 141

    #Playstation #CallOfDuty: WWII is Available Now for FREE for @PlayStation

    #CallOfDuty: WWII is Available Now for FREE for @PlayStation Plus Players! Download this Version and you’ll receive 1,100 COD Points to use on any #CallOfDuty Title that Supports the in-Game Currency. Cod points are only free if you have never downloaded a digital edition before...
  4. Ghost 141

    #Playstation State of Play’s next episode is dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima.

    State of Play’s next episode is dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima. Join us this Thursday at 9pm BST.
  5. Ghost 141

    #Playstation PS4 has sold over 110m units, PS Plus subs top 41m

    Sony has sold 110.4 million PlayStation 4 consoles during its lifetime, and has 41.5 million PS Plus subscribers. The numbers come from Sony’s full-year financial results, in which it admitted sales of PS4 hardware and sales were down due to the slowing of the consoles lifecycle. Sony’s game...
  6. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews #Playstation No major issues” for PS5 game development

    “PlayStation hardware sales trending well. Network services revenue increased. PlayStation 5 on track for launch in this holiday season. No major issues in game software development at this point,” reads a presentation to investors. At this point in time major problems have not arisen in the...
  7. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews #Playstation Sony Annoucement today at 8am PT ?

    Sounds like Sony are announcing the return of a classic IP today, don't think its related to PS5 at this stage.
  8. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews #Playstation Sony job listing hints PS5 may launch in October

    EDIT: Sony says that the October 2020 PS5 release listing was an error A Sony Interactive Entertainment job listing in Japan for a global QCD (quality, cost, delivery) overseer asked the new hire to help with a PS5 launch supposedly scheduled for October 2020
  9. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews #Playstation Sony unveils PlayStation Studios brand to launch alongside PS5

    The new "PlayStation Studios" unites all first party games under one umbrella and lets players know "if they see it, then the quality games they've come to expect from us are here", says Sony. Edit: seems Sony are making a habit of copying Microsoft at the moment.
  10. Ghost 141

    #Playstation PlayStation 5 controller DualSense revealed

    Sony PlayStation has provided fans with a first look at the all new Sony PlayStation 5 controller The new DualSense controller for PS5 features haptic feedback, which allows for more powerful senses while playing games. There’s also adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 so that players feel the...
  11. D

    Playstation 4 News Emerges

    Yes you saw right i said playstation 4. It is code named "Orbis" and will launch HOLIDAY SEASON 2013. It includes an AMD x64 CPU and AMD southern island GPU. It is said that select game developers have been given kits early this month. It will not feature backwards compatibilty with playstation...
  12. DM Toonaami

    PlayStation Vita Features

    yyP5U7RHE2Q Throw it a "like" or a favorite, it really helps. Thanks a lot! :)
  13. I Deadly xz

    playstation 4 announced

    nvm all it didnt work i cant rick roll u all
  14. S

    sale brand new Sony PlayStation 3 (20GB)

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