1. OUTL4W

    Xbox One players won’t be “overwhelmed” with post-release achievements, says Microsof

    Add to My News Story by Stephany Nunneley Wed, Jul 24, 2013 | 21:19 BST Xbox One allows developers to add achievements to a game post launch, but Microsoft has taken steps to make sure players won’t be overwhelmed with said achievements. Speaking with OXM, Xbox Live’s principal program...
  2. OUTL4W

    Rift players “aren’t frickin’ ATM machines”

    Add to My News Story by Brenna Hillier Wed, Jul 24, 2013 | 23:21 BST Rift’s senior designer kept one important fact in mind during the MMO’s transition to a free-to-play model: players are not cash cows to be milked. “I just hate that word ‘monetise’. ‘Let’s monetise our players!’ They’re...
  3. OUTL4W

    Infestation: Survivor Stories has 1.3 million registered players

    Add to My News Story by Stephany Nunneley Tue, Jul 23, 2013 | 21:21 BST Infestation: Survivor Stories, previously known as The War Z from OP Productions, has over 1.3 million registered players worldwide. The figure was announced in a press release sent out on the zombie survival MMO, which...
  4. DM Kinger

    LoL Players?

    Alright so I just playing League of Legends (LoL), and am getting into it. Feel free to add me, Kinger145, I'm not the greatest but whatever. Anyways, if there are any players here, it would be great to play. It's only casual since typical games are 30 mins long.
  5. DM4L SK

    PS3 MW3 Players? Add SK ;D

    I've been playin a lil Ps3 MW3 again, just for fun though nothing too serious, if you guys are ever on and wanna pub come join me, it's always funner when ya got a party :p PsN: GeLzA- ♥♥♥♥♥♥SK
  6. DM TStreets

    any ufc players.

    I was just wondering if any 1 played ufc 09,10 or undisputed 3 . if u do then lets get it on.
  7. DM Morbid

    360 COD players

    Well it has been a while since we have done anything on gb or team wise in general. I have been very busy with college and toon has gotten into skyrim. I know Bows has still been active and playing with other teams, which is good to see. I know Forb does that as well, which is good too. And Vik...
  8. DM Lordlander

    Any Diablo 2 players here?

    I just started playing D2 again, was wondering if anyone else has it, and is down to play? Hit me up if you're down.
  9. Night_Raven-_-

    Free Battlefield 1943 for PS3 BF3 players yeah its free go get it now
  10. J

    Ps3 PLayers

    Hey guys IM NOT TROLLING! Just came to ask a question. I just got myself a PS3 and Resisitance Fall of Man along with it. Does anyone have it, to play with each other? Only thing is I suck with the controls in first person shooters so be easy on me. Sorry if people thought I had part 3 idk my...
  11. T

    360 Black Ops Players - Read Auto Inv.

    Aight so anyone on this site, since I know DM dosn't have a HC ladder, I will be auto inviting to anyone in the team. We got this rank 666th guy he's supposed to be on of the best HC SnD players on the site soo yeah lol...
  12. DM Ace of SPADES

    Bc2 players and owners of Bc2

    The roster lockdate of this ladder is at 12:Am midnight! Now we arent far from getting into the playoffs we just need a couple wins and boom we are there. However i will need more players to do this.So all DM who owns bc2 on ps3 this is your chance to help DM get known on bc2 as well.Post your...
  13. DM Ace of SPADES

    DM Bc2 Players

    We have a challenge tonight @10 pm est Squad rush hardcore.This is the clan that beat us before so It is time for revenge.Post here to saying if you can make it or not.
  14. Hero * IRONMAN

    PS3 players

    YO I got good new for yall my friend that works in PS3 network thingy said that PSN should be up by May 2nd holysheep
  15. Hero * IRONMAN

    Wii DM Players

    to DM Bill Gaten, DM Krysis, DM Klownie, and DM Andrew.... it was fin playing like sick ass clan we powned mad noobs!!!! haahahaha... hope we can do it again!!!! ilucartman
  16. Hero * IRONMAN

    To All Wii DM Players

    Ill truly like to join DM for the wii...May i have a tryout? Ive been training with Krysis for quite a bit and i think im ready :) if you can drop off your Ally code so i can add you on the wii and we will arrange everything thank you!
  17. Night_Raven-_-

    Recruiting KZ3 Players

    I have made the team on both KZ3 and GB, ive already sent some invites out. I like would everyone on the KZ3 team to do doubles and singles if you want to so DM can be top on KZ3. Also add me so we can do some tryouts. psn: Night_Raven-_-...
  18. iQuiKShOt 4L

    MoHH2 Community site for all mohh2 players New site made to get old/new and retired mohh2 playas together...its going well so far..check it out..
  19. DM Psycotic

    Dear all DM PS3 Black Ops players

    after pissing my friend off about how awesome DM is, he decided to tell his clan leader about us, and now they want a Clan War. his Clan is Cyprus Elite Forces [CyEF]. they are the best clan in Cyprus, which is where i live. if you are interested, please, let me know. CW on: Sunday, 19...
  20. R

    Calling all MOHH players!!!!

    Inspired by something Deathrow said i've decided since I have the chance i'm going to play MOHH today and tommorrow, anyone else who has some free time to reminisce with me about the game they spent 100's of hours playing, THEN JOIN ME We shall recreate the average-wierdly cool, hax filled...