1. DM firevice

    GB Team for MW3?

    Anybody wanna make a GB team with Kyle and I? We wanna get some team chemistry together before hitting up BO2. Please let me know if you are in.
  2. DM Morbid

    MW3 Thats that shit i dont like shits got me laughing
  3. DM Deathrow

    mw3 dubs

    Looking for someone to get on some mw3 dubs for gamebattles. Whose down? GT: Striker062791 GB ID: Deathrow7
  4. DM4L SK

    PS3 MW3 Players? Add SK ;D

    I've been playin a lil Ps3 MW3 again, just for fun though nothing too serious, if you guys are ever on and wanna pub come join me, it's always funner when ya got a party :p PsN: GeLzA- ♥♥♥♥♥♥SK
  5. DM MayorWest13

    mw3 montage

    well hello i was hoping someone could do the editing for me thats good. lol because if not i can do it myself but i suck real bad i just thought it would be fun to make one before bo2 comes out and i realize this sort of could have been a pm but idk if anyone would want to do it so yea thx in...
  6. DM Viktomize

    MW3 Guns Updated

    Recently Added: 8/1/2012 Weapon rebalance for assault rifles & SMG's: FAD - increased damage and range M16A4 - increased damage and fire rate AK47 - reduced kick UMP45 - increased damage MP5 - increased fire rate PM9 - reduced kick Source...
  7. x_TheBear_x

    So, MW3 ps3?

    Well, I've been getting really good lately, called in 3 moabs within the last 2 days, and I have a 2.25 kd. I have a GB and I can play a lot. Just hit me up if you wanna give me a tryout. my PSN: iDarkCrypt-- troll
  8. OUTL4W

    MW3 Easter egg: DM easter egg in MW3?

    Anyone ever go in for a close-up on the bullets in MW3? h51g1FHfMqU :RB: troll
  9. D

    Official Ps3 Mw2 and Mw3 teams

    Just making the thread to post how where doing and to show who is on the team. So far the MW3 team is 2-1, getting off to a good start. Mw2 team is still 0-0 Mw3 roster: Bonesgraves32 Michigan Drator Sasquatch57 Mw2 Roster: Gost68432 Kinger145 Michigan OGr4iity Dm_marine_kills
  10. OUTL4W

    MW3: new FFA modes....

    Adding new Game modes to FFA gun play community playlist on Friday. Hello Gun Game. Drop zone and Infected are staying. So AGAIN trolling lied about not being able to have more play lists. Edit : - Added the guide, so you know what to expected, pretty similar to black ops, except...
  11. M

    DM's mw3 ps3 team READDDD

    We of MV want to gb,now im hoping you have a team lol.....If you accept,i'll need a link to your team profile. We're looking for: -4v4 -SnD or Ctf -GB Variant -Everything off besides perks
  12. DeathOfScythe

    DeathOfScythe's app for MW3

    Heya! its me, again. and im better than before. Last time i didnt get a tryout, so i hope i'd finally get one. PS3 5TH Prestige lvl 51 GB name: DeathOfScythe TIME:online 24/7 best at: SMG run and gun + Sniping got 12 days of double xp. Adios!
  13. J

    Juni's Re-App for MW3 Tryouts

    Hey guys, I guess I should do this; You guys should use this format for your recruits (Y) About You PSN: DM_Junnnii Name: Anderson AbreuJr (Juni) Age: 15 Do you own a mic? Yes Location? Massachusetts Any previous clan affiliation? Yes If so why did you leave that clan? Inactiveness...
  14. DM Toonaami

    How to get colored Class Names on MW3 Feel free to rape that like button :D
  15. DM Bowser

    MW3 Update [360]

    What was the update about?
  16. R

    hello im interested in a tryout for mw3 on ps3

    hi my psn is RedHairHaze, and id like to tryout for dm, im currently in a clan but, i they are never on, half of them are not so good, and when they are online, i send invites and they are ignored. there can be 4 of them online, playing different games. i want to be part of a good team that...
  17. DM Kinger

    Things MW3 could've done better

    Last night I decided to change it up and go back to Mw2 from mw3. This change made me realize that Mw3 feels kinda like a game they made just to make money, and not to please the gamer long term. I then thought about the differences between mw2 and 3 and realized that besides the graphics, the...

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